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Why I Made This Blog 14 August 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aly @ 5:30 am
  1. I am sure the world will be fascinated with the musings and observations of yet another teenaged Intertubes addict.
  2. My friends probably think I talk too much. And I love them too much to let them put up with that.
  3. Because the Facebook status message line has a character limit. As does just about everything on Facebook.
  4. There just are not enough things that make me put off my schoolwork as it is.
  5. My friends will be mildly entertained by this.
  6. I want something to show my future grandchildren in fifty years. By which time paper diaries will probably be out of style.
  7. I have something to say (I think).

All of these reasons were at least slightly facetious. A great way to start off a blog, in my opinion.


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