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Six Books I Want to Read 28 September 2008

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  1. Slaughterhouse-Five. I have been waiting so long for this book to become available at the public library! After reading Cat’s Cradle, I am so excited to read something else by Vonnegut.
  2. The Light Fantastic. I read The Color of Magic (a birthday present from Jordan), but I haven’t gotten to this, the second in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, yet.
  3. Northanger Abbey. I want to see how Jane Austen does Gothic.
  4. The Fourth (as of yet, unnamed) Book in the Inheritance Cycle. I just finished Brisingr this weekend, and I want to read the last one, already! It is not that I am obsessed with this series or anything. As fantasy goes, it’s nowhere near the best. But I do like it more since reading Brisingr, I think.
  5. The Invisible Man. (The one by H.G. Wells, not Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison). I started it, and it sounds quite fascinating. But before I check it out from the library, I have to pay the five cents in fines I accrued for when I turned in the book of H.G. Wells’ short stories late back at the end of last year. How shall I ever afford it?
  6. ????  Suggestions, please!

Six Reasons Why This Week Is Going To Be Hell 21 September 2008

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  1. The tests. I have an AP English test on Monday (tomorrow), an AP European History test on Tuesday, and most likely a Chemistry test at some point. The history test is a big deal because it is most likely the only test we will have in the class this grading period. And tests are worth sixty percent or something ridiculous like that.
  2. The Science Fair paperwork. It is all due on Wednesday, and that means about five forms and a preliminary research plan. It is a huge hassle. And I am not looking forward to it at all.
  3. The AP Biology lab due on Tuesday. It is our first AP/IB lab write-up, and it is kind of nerve-wracking. However, like the good student I am, I am going to show Ms. B my lab tomorrow, a day in advance. Hopefully, it will be worth all the extra effort.
  4. The procrastination. I have been doing it like crazy. Wonder why I wrote two posts today? Because I am trying to avoid doing real work, semi-subconsciously. Also note that my other post was about procrastination. See how pervasive it is?
  5. The AP Human Geography project. Mr. Sutton, after four straight weeks of minimal work, decided to dump a project on us. So now, due Friday, is a poster and three-page, double-spaced essay comparing the United States and the country you picked out of the cup (mine is Kenya).
  6. The lack of sleep. What with all the work I have to do this week, there is no way I will be getting my regular six-and-a-half hours. Yeah. That’s my regular. You start to wonder how I manage to look this good . . . (Just kidding.)

Six Facilitators of My Procrastination

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  1. Facebook Tetris. I hate it and love it at the same time. I think I am addicted. Last night, before I fell asleep, I could see the neon blocks whirling around . . .
  2. Google Reader. I have subscribed to like twenty blogs: every time I’m bored, there’s bound to be at least one new thing to read. (Here’s when I went to the Reader website to get the link, and started reading the three new blog posts that were up. See??)
  3. Julie’s Study Guides. It helps me feel productive and generous to help people with their school work, yet I do this while neglecting my own.
  4. Google Talk. Same rationale as “TV” below.
  5. TV. Since I can watch TV on this computer, I feel productive because, “At least the document is open.” And then I can sit and watch my TV guilt-free.
  6. WordPress, apparently.

Six 17 September 2008

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I have decided that I actually need to do something on here, because I have been seriously neglecting this blog. So here it is: my new plan. As frequently as possible (basically at least once a week), I shall name six “somethings” that are somehow related. And here is today’s edition of Six: six reasons I chose the number six.

  1. Six is perfect.
  2. Six is large enough so that I feel like I am doing something substantial.
  3. . . . But small enough so that I feel like I can do it pretty quickly.
  4. Every time I make a number of posts that is a multiple of three, I will have made another 666.
  5. I am sometimes fascinated by the fact that 6 upside-down is 9.
  6. Six is one vowel away from sex. And as a teenager, that is all I think about, apparently.

And with that insightful remark, I leave you.