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Science Fair 26 October 2008

Filed under: PHS — Aly @ 2:43 pm

My science fair project is not going well. It is kind of sucking right now. I swear, it pulled a Dr. Jekyll on me. Let me explain.

My whole project is based on the idea that a culture of the water bioluminescent bacterium Vibrio fischeri that is exposed to polluted water samples will have a marked decrease in bioluminescence. That is all well and fine, but the problem is that recently, the culture has not been glowing. This pretty much destroys the entire premise of the experiment. The thing is, we had a previous culture that glowed magnificently, but it ended up that we had to order a second culture because somehow, the culture became impure and stopped glowing because other bacteria were taking up all the nutrients. :P

The second culture seemed fine, but it, too, did not glow. We learned from the company that sold us the culture that something was wrong, and they sent us a third sample for free. Well, guess what. That one does not glow either. Which means that I am epically screwed. >.<

As for the Dr. Jekyll reference, after making the first successful potion, Jekyll spends the rest of the book trying to get more of that ingredient, and every time it does not work, he gets angry because the chemical was not “pure” like the first one. Of course, in time, he learns that the first batch was really defective, and he has no choice but to endure the transformations until the end. My situation is kind of reminiscent of that, except for the fact that my bacterium is actually supposed to glow.


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