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The Chatback Chronicles: Preggers Edition 9 November 2008

Filed under: Chatback Chronicles,PHS — Aly @ 10:54 pm

This is pretty quick, but apparently tonight is a busy night for weirdos. As Priya commented, “It’s like Christmas!” Please enjoy.


8 Responses to “The Chatback Chronicles: Preggers Edition”

  1. Adrika Says:


  2. Nathan Says:

    Holy crap. Thats hilarious.

  3. Aly Says:

    inorite? I am not sure how seriously I should take them, because I mean, look at it!

    It is a bit disturbing, at any rate.

  4. Seth Friedman Says:

    Hahahahaha! It IS like Christmas!

  5. Aly Says:

    *giggles as she realizes that it is Christmas for the Hindu and the Jew*

    Now you see, Seth, why you should get on Gtalk more. You can have memorable experiences like this one!

  6. Cuong Says:

    How disturbing.

  7. Thanatos Says:

    Excellently worded argument! Bravo!

    (I kinda feel sad for person x though…)

  8. Dantes Says:

    Are these people real, or are they just pranking you or what?

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