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The Chatback Chronicles 9 November 2008

Filed under: Chatback Chronicles,PHS — Aly @ 10:36 pm

As many (all?) of you know, I am a part of Julie’s Study Guides. This means that I often get crazy chatbackers. Most ask for genuine help, a few are pranks from friends (I am looking at you, Jordan. But you are not the only one), a few recent ones have been from the secret admirer (this elicits giggles from Priya, Adrika, and possibly others), but in the past few days, I large percentage have been requests for one particular guide. Julie covers guides for Mr. Bullington’s AP European History tests. There is one tomorrow, and people are apparently so worried that they have been asking since last week for the guide. Maybe half an hour ago, I got a particularly entertaining chatbacker. The screen shots of the conversation follow:

EDIT: As an explanation for my actions, the second they called me a “snob”, I decided to turn on the über-snob.  Just to spite them. Also, as a result of these, Freddie said he wants his chatback badge on the site. Who would not want to be cursed out by an anon? ;) I will try my best, though, Freddie.


9 Responses to “The Chatback Chronicles”

  1. Priya Says:

    Wait my comment didn’t go do the post? Aw I’ll redo it.

    rofl. i love crazy chatbackers. they put entertainment into my existence. xD


  2. Adrika Says:

    ROFL Priya! This dude was really mean. but, yea, they are entertaining! And for anyone who hasn’t been there already, Guides By Julie is absolutely the best!!!!!

  3. NG Says:

    This is hilarious. Whats that dude’s problem. If the person who was the chatter on that would like to tell me who they are, I’d be more than willing to listen and laugh at them.

  4. Priya Says:

    I think having Freddie on the team will result in conversations of 10x hilariousness, because he will not be afraid to get down and curse them out as spitefully as they are him. GIVE HIM THE POST! =D

  5. NG Says:

    It wasnt Ian…

  6. Dantes Says:

    I want a chatback on GuidesbyJulie. I’ll get all holier than thou when they start to cuss at me and remind them that God is watching them.

  7. Aly Says:

    I am not sure whether I feel comfortable with that, Dantes. That is an, um, interesting approach. ;)

  8. Dantes Says:

    Someone needs to remind them. By the way, Aly, take a look at your articles (a, an, the) in your last reply.

  9. Aly Says:

    Aha, but I can edit my comments! So in a matter of minutes, both you and I will seem to be weirdos for talking about something that isn’t a problem! For now, the article will be an “an”!

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