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From the Desks in Room 201 16 November 2008

Filed under: PHS — Aly @ 6:27 pm

"Fuck til you shit"

(Courtesy of Nathan)
It is on a desk in Ms. Bidwell’s room. It is also hilariously funny. Nathan claims that the picture has everything to do with the title, but I, like Kay, am not able to decipher the picture. Anyone agree? disagree?

I am now going to try to take a picture of the pictures on the desks near where I sit.


9 Responses to “From the Desks in Room 201”

  1. NG Says:

    Holy crap. That’s hilarious. I’ve never seen anything that funny. I happen to agree with Nathan on the fact that the title matches the drawing.

  2. John Locke Says:

    how can u not see a correlation…ask your parents to give u the “talk” and then reassess ur conclusion. Ha but seriously, how can u not see it

  3. Thanatos Says:

    Oh! I see it now! The arrow threw me off… not to mention the poorly scribbled feces.

  4. Aly Says:

    Multiple personalities much, NG?

    And “John”, maybe I just do not have a mind as dirty as yours. :P

  5. Aly Says:

    Thanks, Thanatos. The uh feces comment helped me see it (possibly?).

    Also, you ninja’d me. :P

  6. Priya Says:

    I don’t get the picture. Who’s John Locke? Wtf? Is that Freddie?

  7. Aly Says:

    You are correct. :)

  8. NG Says:

    How did the “feces” comment help you to kinda see it. You cant kinda see it after that. You have to see it.

  9. Thanatos Says:

    I believe this would be as Mrs. Harvilchuck calls it “fecal imagery” and “sexual imagery.”

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