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‘Cause It’s Ballin’ 17 November 2008

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This weekend, we had another scholars’ bowl trip. It was in Tallahassee again, but this was an invitational sponsored by Rickards High School. It was pretty fun, and we ended up getting fourth place, the highest JV team. Our varsity team got second place, because they were beat by Florida High (whom our varsity had previously beaten). We were twice beaten by Chiles High. *shakes fist* It was still a really enjoyable experience; I ended up meeting people (Eli), going to Wendy’s for possibly the first time in my life, hanging out with my friends, learning a bunch, and much more. :)

One of the best parts was the memes. Probably every other sentence spoken was either “Keepin’ it negro, keepin’ it negro,” or “Why? ‘Cause it’s ballin’.” Both of these stem from Bryan’s epic Spanish video (which I have not technically seen). It was a little ridiculous how many times we ended up saying it. I also learned about the very dangerous but very rare “thirdhand smoke”. ;)

It was nice having this little slice of fun because this week is going to be crazy. >.< Wish me luck. Tomorrow, I have an AP English test and some AP European History study questions to turn in (late). Wednesday, I have part II of the English test, an AP Biology test, a French test, and a chemistry quiz (for which I will actually have to put in some effort to do well on *sigh*). Thursday, the English chart is due, and there is a pep rally seventh period *mock cheers*. Friday, there will most likely be a Pre-Calculus quiz, in addition to the chemistry quiz. Now, I must leave to finish my study questions. You know why? ‘Cause it’s ballin’. What? I am just trying to keep it negro!


4 Responses to “‘Cause It’s Ballin’”

  1. NG Says:

    We r ballin

    Negro ballin that is…

  2. NG Says:

    I propose the shirt idea and a team name change from the tigers to the negroballin mavericks. We just go up there and are like “what would a maverick do” and then we do that.”

    Thats why we r so ballin

  3. youngba Says:

    dang i should fix my acnt name or something
    but i demand to be acknowledged as the co-creator of the Spanish Video

    Me and Bryan came up with the Cuz it’s ballin’
    My shaky hand holdin the camera made it funnier, why? cuz it’s ballin’

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