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The Chatback Chronicles: Secret Admirer 23 November 2008

Filed under: Chatback Chronicles — Aly @ 5:31 pm

For the past several weeks, there has been someone who has used the chatback badge to let me know exactly how much they like me. It has been funny in a very weird way. I mean, WEIRD. Anyway, here are all the chats I have had with them (I use “them” as a third-person singular pronoun not only when referring to people of unknown gender, but also people chatbackers because of their unknown identity, even when their gender is know–as is true in this case). The first two I e-mailed to some of my friends, but the third just occured today and I feel like posting them all so people who did not see the first two can have the context.

For those of you who have seen the first two, skip on to the third. It starts at the fifth picture. It is really quite delightful, if you are not inherently involved in the entire thing. Enjoyyyy!

EDIT: He returned, to give me one tidbit of info. See below.



18 Responses to “The Chatback Chronicles: Secret Admirer”

  1. Priya Says:

    this is amazing. haha they kept on repeating “i love you” over and over again. NOW it’s starting to get creepy…they really know how to stalk you…

    watch out for that wink, Helie. ; ]

  2. Adrika Says:

    rofl. you should’ve guessed! Intersting stalker you have there.

  3. Giouli Says:

    Quite fascinating, really. They must really want you to know who they are…

  4. Giouli Says:

    P.S. I am DEFINITELY not Chinese…

  5. Thanatos Says:

    Maybe it’s talking about me O_O. I DO have that chin. Also, I like the part about looking at you on the stairs between 4th and 5th.

  6. Thanatos Says:

    I mean halls…

  7. NG Says:

    who is Thantos

  8. NG Says:

    WTF. I thought that this was just a joke at first, but I think it may be halfway serious. Ur probably gonna go and find out that its like Seth or Roy or someone like that.

  9. Aly Says:

    Thanks, Priya and Adrika. You know, for the support.

    Hah, Julie, they seem a bit desperate. And they also seem a bit oblivious to the whole Chinese vs. Vietnamese thing.

    Yeah, except that you are definitely the opposite of this person. You would never misuse “your” and “you’re” so many times. And I can tell when you stare at me. However, I seem to be woefully ignorant of this person’s admiring glances. ;)

    And what does your chin have to do with anything?

  10. Thanatos Says:

    “That one Chinese girl.”
    Julie’s not Chinese.
    I am.
    The girl part could be solved if they thought I was a girl merely from my chin.

  11. Thanatos Says:

    *Goes to brood.*

  12. Seth Says:

    Who is NG?

    And it’s definitely not Roy or me. We don’t see Helie in between 4th and 5th, and we don’t take bio, much less have it 6th.

  13. Seth Says:


  14. Aly Says:

    Kay . . . no matter how much we all admire your chin, no one could mistake you for a girl.

    NG=Nathan. Who apparently cannot spell “Thanatos”.

  15. Thanatos Says:

    We go from Chemistry (4th) to Biology (5th) so I doubt this is halfway serious. A true stalker would know that there are no halls outside. Also, lulz on the possibly related post “I’m a hot tranny mess?”

  16. Mgccl Says:

    Creepy O.O
    normal people write “I love you” on their blog and give you the link to see it…
    which reminds me to create
    it updates automatically when I change my love.

  17. […] — Aly @ 3:08 pm The one who claims he is in love with me is back. We last encountered him a couple of months ago.Well, he is back. And he is creepier than ever. .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: […]

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