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“Hell Week” 9 December 2008

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This week is what is commonly considered “hell week”. This is because all the teachers bog us down with lots of homework and tests before midterms week (next week). For the juniors especially, “hell week” is infamous.
For sophomores, it is only slightly less stressful. Especially for sophomores taking two junior-level classes, like me (it is worse for those taking three higher-level classes cough Priya, Kay cough). Let me give you a run-down of this week day. It is a bit scary.

Last weekend: I was out of town on the UF scholars’ bowl tournament trip. It was amazingly fun. However, it did mean that I missed last Friday and was gone for all of Saturday. I got absolutely no homework done and ended up spending Sunday doing science fair (i.e. procrastinating).

Today: Most of today was spent doing the pre-calculus project so I can turn it in tomorrow for extra credit. I spent the rest working on science fair some more (Kay and I talked to Ms. Smith and she said we can bring in our respective boards on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Whew!) and at piano class. I still have a lot of work left on science fair, but I have so much other homework that I am wondering why I am even writing this post when there is work to do! I should have reviewed the AP English and AP Biology work I missed on Friday, done the French graded homework due tomorrow, studied more for the pre-calculus quiz, read more AP Biology chapters for the test on Friday, finished the AP European History study questions that were due today (and probably will not get done until Wednesday), read more AP European History chapters, and studied for the quiz I have to make up in AP Human Geography tomorrow.
And that was just today. You get the picture.

The only thing that is keeping anyone going at this point is that in a matter of a week and a half or so, winter break will have started. This alluring prospect, this carrot on the stick, if you will, is what is keeping my donkey-self walking. I refer to the carrot and stick because I feel like the holidays are just a mirage, an illusion. I do not really get rest then. This winter break, for instance, I am going to Canada. There is no way everything I want to do will get done, but I have not accepted this yet. I just keep on going for those holidays, because I have nothing else to look forward to.

Now that I have dwelled enough on how much life sucks, etc.; I will end with a happy note! This weekend, at the tournament, the varsity team (including the bffaeaeae Kay) got second place in the varsity division. JV (including me!) got first place in the JV division. I got first place in the JV individual competition. Even the JJV (junior, junior varsity–three freshmen) won four of their seven matches. I am so happy for them and for me and I am just gushing with pride because we are pretty much the ballin’-est people on earth by this point. :D

I bid you all adieu, as I return to my endless piles of homework. Have a happy hell week!


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  1. J.D. Says:

    that sucks

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