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10 December 2008

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When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I still feel quite sad.

Sometimes, life sucks.


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  1. Priya Says:

    haha love it! I NEW it sounded realllly familiar, and then I looked it up and figured out it was a Sound of Music reference and even though I haven’t seen the movie I remember it faintly from when you posted that line (although the real one) on my Wall.

    Why so sad? Today, for me, was actually quite refreshing. Getting out of normal routine, being allowed to skip some classes. Even though I phailed my calc test. Still, for some reason, I was in an abnormally good mood. However, I guess I know how you feel, because I just realized I was in the mood you describe yesterday. I was just miserable and irritable and sad and mad and felt like crying and throwing a temper tantrum and just…giving up. All at once. =[

    Don’t worry. It gets better. =D

  2. Priya Says:

    also, wtf is up with your stupid blogroll? sure, a few blogs on atheism is fine; in fact, some of them are interesting to read, but there’s only like FIVE that aren’t focused on atheism.

    Whenever I look at your blog, that’s how I span out to others (such as lindsey’s rantings, etc). So get some diversity so that I may procrastinate better! =P

  3. Adrika Says:

    my favorite things include sleep. now that i dont get it, it just makes me want something i cant have. That does make me more sad. At least the break is coming soon…

  4. Aly Says:

    Sorry I forgot to respond, Priya. To be honest, I do not see how a lot of my blogroll is devoted to atheism. I see exactly seven that are explicitly about atheism. Many of the rest are *skeptical* or *scientific*, sure. But they are definitely not the same thing. A lot of the authors of those blogs probably are not religious, but that does not mean that they are atheistic. Many of the posts are not even about atheism or anything, just skepticism in general.

    Adrika: mmmmmmm sleep. Google, I need a coke. I am about to fall asleep and I have a billion things to do. *sigh* Life still sucks.

  5. Adrika Says:

    I HATE EXAMS!!!!!!!! *cries*

  6. Adrika Says:

    I agree with you, life does suck. Very much so.

  7. Aly Says:

    Yeah, but at least you did not find out the day before your exam that you suddenly have an 89 for a nine-weeks grade in history. All because of the one make-up test . . . I am going to ask him tomorrow, very politely, why my essays deserved a *76*. Argh. I am so mad right now.

    I gotta go back to studying for the mid-term now. :P

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