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Science Fair 12 December 2008

Filed under: PHS — Aly @ 6:24 pm

Science fair results came out yesterday and were announced on the school announcements today. My bacterium, which had given me so many problems before, ended up working (to my relief!) and I was able to scrape together a board the night before the fair. I was happy with the results. I won first in the Environmental Sciences division and Jennie won second (it was really close, apparently). Kay won first in Microbiology. Adrika and Priya got first and second respectively in Medicine and Health. :D We all get to go on to the district competition, which is in January.

Hell week is over. It truly was hell. Yesterday was the worst, even though it was probably the day I had the least work (just a bunch of studying, mostly). It was the first time IB actually made me cry. I do not even know why it was so bad; it was probably just the stress of the entire week. Anyway, all that is left now is . . .


Good luck studying, everyone, and I hope you have a productive weekend. :)


8 Responses to “Science Fair”

  1. Priya Says:

    Last (or is it still “this”?) week was truly Hell Week. Before last (this) week, I thought next (midterms) week would be worse, but I’m thinking nothing could possibly be worse. I better get a reward in some form for this…and no, not a “good grade”. *rolls eyes* like a celebration kind of reward of some sort. And thoughts? =]

  2. Priya Says:

    *And = Any

  3. Aly Says:

    It would be “this” still.

    lol My parents ordered pizza because of the scholars’ bowl win from last weekend, and now they have to do something because of the science fair win this week. :)

    But yeah, this week was definitely worse. I mean, I *cried*.

  4. Stephen M. Says:

    Mrs. Harvilchuck has showed us the announcements 3 times in the past 2 months do you know what I got? I think Mrs. Nagel said I got second in botany. Does that mean I go to regionals?

  5. Adrika Says:

    I just cannot wait until exams are over and done with. I need a good grade, but Hell Week drained me. >.< And Stephen, if you got second, then yes, you go on to regionals.

  6. Jordan Says:

    i think this week (midterms week) should be called hell-week. i am actually scared to go to school tomorrow. im trying to read stuff to reduce my stress right now, but its not really helping.

  7. Aly Says:

    Um, this week, for me at least, is slightly more manageable. Last week was so fucked up in every way. Science fair is what made it truly hell, for me at least. Just imagine being a junior though. I feel bad for them. :(

  8. Rose Dereu Says:

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