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Midterms! 17 December 2008

Filed under: PHS — Aly @ 2:37 am

Oh noes!

Right now, I should be studying for my AP Biology and AP European History exams tomorrow, but I am so tired. I am so lucky that Mr. Jones only takes questions from his old tests, because we have covered an incredible amount of information in the past four-and-a-half months. AP Biology will hopefully go well. We shall see.

Thursday will be an easy-ish day. I just have to review some pre-calculus and chemistry. The test in Pre-Calculus will be on the algebra portion only, not any trigonometry. This simplifies things greatly.

Friday is French and AP English. French will be straightforward, especially since she went over each type of question that will be on the test. AP English will be a stressful one, but I am taking things as they come, and there are still two whole days before I have to worry about that one.

It is amazing how draining midterms are. I remember last year, I asked Julie whether I had ever had bags under my eyes, and she said, “Only during midterms.” This year, the stress is only more. *epic sigh*

Only three days more. Only three days more. Only three days more.

Good luck on your midterms, everyone!

*goes back to studying*

EDIT: OK, today went a little differently than expected. I overslept, waking up at 8:15 instead of 7:00. Since school starts at 8:25 and I live about twenty minutes away, I was not going to be able to make it in time for my AP Biology exam. I went to school at 10:20, in time to take the AP European History exam (on which I think I did very well, partially due to the extra two hours of studying time . . . ;)).

I talked to Ms. Bidwell, and I am probably going to take the exam tomorrow fourth period, after I finish the Chemistry exam (it should not take long). The alternative is waiting until after winter break, and taking it on the day teachers come back (the day before school starts). I prefer the former.

OK, three (two for me) down, and four (five for me) to go! Good luck. :)


2 Responses to “Midterms!”

  1. Giouli Says:

    Huh. I really said that? I’ll have to revise my statement: 75% of the time.

  2. Aly Says:

    Well, it was last year. At the time, I did not really have the sleep deprivation that I do this year.

    Angela told me that I need eye cream. :D

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