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What I Am Reading: Holiday Edition! 3 January 2009

Filed under: Reading — Aly @ 2:13 am

Since school ended on the nineteenth, I have had what is commonly referred to as a “break”. This includes copious amounts of reading, especially when staying at my uncle’s house in Toronto and when Internet access is limited. I was able to finish off the several hundred pages of The Count of Monte Cristo that were left and read even more.

The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

This is the much-anticipated sequel to The Color of Magic (“much-anticipated” in that I anticipated going to Books-A-Million to buy it, not that it was released recently. It was released long ago). It was definitely awesome. Better than the first, even.

It starts out with the failed wizard Rincewind and his friend, the tourist Twoflower. At the end of the last book, they were floating in space, past the edge of the Disc. However, they are miraculously transported back onto the Disc, and Rincewind seems destined to do something important. You meet lots of new characters, including Cohen the Barbarian and his fiancée, Death and his adopted daughter, and lots of wizards.

After finishing The Light Fantastic, I ended up getting on Amazon.com and looking up the next couple of books in the Discworld series and sticking them in my shopping cart for when my is not too tired to give me her American Express. There are something like thirty novels in the Discworld series proper, not to mention all the accompanying books, graphic novels, young adult novels, etc. And I hear they get better as the series progresses. I cannot wait!

Also, one last thing before I close this post: the author of the Discworld series, Terry Pratchett, was recently knighted. So I guess I should be referring to him as “Sir Terry Pratchett”. I hope he puts that on his books. Sounds awesome. (Also, did I mention he is a humanist and an atheist? :D)


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