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Highlights: Dorman Tournament 18 January 2009

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The trip was so fun. I ended up in the car with Robo driving, Josh, Noah, Matt (though he and Spencer switched later), David, and Kay. It was really fun. As usual, many memes were spawned in the journey.

I could say a lot, but I will keep it short and sweet: JV lost in the semi-finals, meaning we got a trophy. Varsity didn’t do as well, but their questions were harder and their competition tougher. Even JJV (made up of three freshmen) managed to win two of their six games. We were very proud. This tournament was really exciting because the format was very different from the other tournaments we have been to. I got more and more excited about PHS hosting its own tournament sometime this year. It might actually happen, too, especially as Robo is offering CAS hours to the seniors (who are in desperate need) for writing questions.

The hotel we stayed in was really cool. It was a Radisson, built atrium-style, with balconies overlooking the lobby. The room Avalon and I shared was kind of a suite, I guess. It had an outer room with a table, a TV, and a pull-out couch. Then, a short passage with a vanity area leading to the bedroom, which contained a king-size Sleep Number bed (really hard to adjust) and another TV. Also, the bathroom was cool because the towels were folded into little fan things. It is the silliest thing to get excited about, but we loved it.

Also, on the way back from Dorman, it actually snowed. Very lightly, mind, but still. It was David’s first time seeing snow, which was pretty funny.

At the tournament, David brought up an interesting theory. He claimed that you can get from any Wikipedia article to the Jesus article within five steps, similar to the “six degrees of separation” idea. Everyone started bringing up articles that they did not think would work, and David suggested possible tracks, all leading to Jesus. Josh suggested “meerkat“, and I decided to try it. It was actually easier than expected. Here is how I solved it:

Meerkat (Timon, a meerkat, is a character from…)

The Lion King (Which is supposedly partially based on the Biblical story of…)

Moses (Within whose article I did a quick ctrl+f search to get a link to…)


It was pretty fun, actually. Anyone want to suggest other articles I should try? I would love to do it some more. :D

In other news, I am very happy because I have finally mastered the rolling chords I have been working on for more than two weeks. I have to play them in “My Favorite Things” for recital. I am also making good progress on the Beethoven piece, which is easier than expected.


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