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(Anticipating) Birthday Gifts 19 January 2009

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Since Christmas just left us, and my birthday is in a couple months, I have been thinking a bit about gifts. I have not technically gotten a Christmas gift yet (my parents do not think it is as important anymore. All I wanted was access to their American Express for Amazon.com purchases and a jigsaw puzzle. Since I already have access to their credit cards for such purposes, all they had to do was go to Wal-Mart and get me a jigsaw puzzle. But no).

My sixteenth birthday is coming up soon, and as I reflected upon attending my friend’s sixteenth last week, the only reason I would ever have a sweet-sixteen party is because of the gifts. However, I was only joking then. Honestly, I do not need gifts, really. My parents do not really limit what I am allowed to buy, and buy clothes, food, books, and all other necessities (or not) for me.

Even though there is still a month and a half to go, I have decided what I want my parents, at least, to do. I want them to donate money to charity. I have been thinking about it, and I do not see the point in getting them to spend an extra thirty or forty dollars on something a) I would be getting anyway, or b) is not really necessary.

The only decision left for me to make is to decide to which charity my money will go. I am not sure, so any input is welcome. Also, I am wondering what Adrika got for her birthday (We got you the iTunes giftcard, but I kind of forgot what your parents gave. Did anyone else give you anything?).

On my TED adventures (which, by the way, stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design), I encountered the cuuuuutest (yes, it requires that many “u”s) thing ever. Watch it. It is so sweet. :)


7 Responses to “(Anticipating) Birthday Gifts”

  1. Thanatos Says:

    Nice to know I spent $22 on nothing. Money well worth spent.

  2. Adrika Says:

    Well, my parents gave me some beautiful earrings, Priya gave me an air hockey table (thank you from both me and Arvind), Ramma gave me some money, Ingy gave a purse and makeup and Ishani gave me a pretty necklace. I contemplated giving money to charity but the last time I suggestd that to my parents they objected so much, it was worthless. Anyways, a really good charity is ASPCA.

  3. Adrika Says:


  4. Aly Says:

    Kay: how can you say that? Did you not see the look on my face when you gave it to me? You will realize that I did not mention gifts from my friends. I was talking about my parents’, mostly. And in any case, you should get used to the idea that you are usually an exception.

    Adrika: wow, I had no idea you got so much! :)
    Hmm, ASPCA is the one with the super-annoying ads on TV, right? Children’s Miracle Network I donate to every time I get the chance (spare change in the jar on the cashier’s counter, etc.). I want something that maybe does not get a lot of reception. Plus, while I am all for the well-being of animals and sick children, they are not exactly my issue, you know?

  5. Thanatos Says:

    If you say so…

  6. Adrika Says:

    lol. idk if they’re that annoying. I only remembered because someone had brought it up at school before. I guessed as much as far as your choice of charity, but you did say any input. ;)
    Good luck finding a charity you like!

  7. […] I previously mentioned, I asked my parents to donate money on my behalf for my birthday. I am torn between the ACLU […]

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