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Six Degrees of Wikipedia 19 January 2009

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Julie suggested some others for me to try. The first is Ichthyosaur. I did this one by following David’s original reasoning. Click on the first person whose name you see, and if no mention of their religion is made on their article page, then click on their nationality. From there, you are sure to find Christianity, usually under “Demographics”.

Ichthyosaur (A type of dinosaur named by…)

Richard Owen (A scientist who was a member of the…)

English people (A group whose main religions include…)

Christianity (A religion that worships…)


Julie suggested “cortex (botany)”. I think she just clicked “random article”.

Cortex (botany) (A part of a plant, which are studied in the field of…)

Botany (A notable botanist was…)

Gregor Mendel (Who was a monk for the…)

Roman Catholic Church (Who worship…)


Another (I think she used “random article” again):

Hervé Arsène (A soccer player from…)

France (A country in which Christianity appeared in the early centuries BCE. It linked to…)

History of Christianity (A religion that worships…)


Julie suggested some other guy, Johan Letzelter, but he was born in France, meaning his became to similar to Hervé Arsène’s above. So I skipped him.

Pickelhaube (A type of spiked helmet found in the Prussian army, especially during the reign of…)

Frederick William IV of Prussia (Who was an adherent of…)

Lutheranism (A faith that worships…)




(Any more suggestions? It was fun!)


5 Responses to “Six Degrees of Wikipedia”

  1. Priya Says:

    How about Anushka Sharma? I know, I know, start with the jokes, but seriously, I only found one route and that was after six articles. =P

    –Historical Dictionary of Switzerland
    –Optic tract

  2. Aly Says:

    Anushka Sharma, who was managed by
    Elite Model Management, which has an office in
    Amsterdam, which is inhabited by a large number of
    Christians, who worship

    I’ll work on the others later. Study questions for Jones!

  3. Jordan Says:


  4. Priya Says:

    You never did try the other ones. =P

  5. Aly Says:

    FINE. Priya:
    Fuzzbubble, a band that contributed to the South Park soundtrack.
    South Park, a show on which one of the recurring characters is Jesus.

    I gotta go study for MAO now. I’ll get to the rest eventually.

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