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Stargazing, or Somesuch 17 February 2009

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I went outside again today for a little while. It was rather chilly, but I just stood around, taking in the sky. There was a lot of light tonight, since apparently there was a soccer game at Ashton Brosnaham, the park near my house.

It is so relaxing. I am beginning to love just going outside occasionally and having a little time to myself. This time, I ended up spinning around in circles, looking straight up at the center of the sky. The feeling is so hard to put into words; it is just the sort of thing you experience.

I love the way the world feels at night. It is silly, but I feel very much out in the open. It is probably because my backyard is pretty big, but also because the fences (most of which are rather recent in my house’s nine-year history) seem very insignificant. When I stand out there, I am in a private place; but at a moment’s notice, my solitude could be encroached upon. I am free to spin about, perform my silly antics, hum as my heart desires; in general, be totally uninhibited.What a feeling to feel!

I also saw, for the first time in my life, the little dipper. The only constellation I have ever identified successfully other than that is Orion (mainly because of his iconic belt). Is that not extremely exciting? I feel a part of the world now, because I, like so many millions (?) before me, have viewed and identified the little dipper!


2 Responses to “Stargazing, or Somesuch”

  1. Jordan Says:

    what a nice blog…sure wish there were more of these…especially ones about politics/ethics/anecdotes/anything.

  2. Aly Says:

    I do try, Jordan.

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