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India Stuffs 25 February 2009

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Note: This post may cause Kay severe irritation. Read with caution.

It is official: I am going to India this summer. It will only be for three weeks, but I am still really excited. It has been two years since I was there, and I am especially anticipating this since the plan is for us to go to Delhi and Agra. I have never been there before, and I am looking forward to seeing the red fort, the Taj, and all the rest.

My mom was talking to my family in India the other day, and the subject of my cousin’s cousin’s upcoming marriage arose. Yes, the same guy, Amit, who wanted to marry a manglik, about whom I wrote previously. It turns out Amit gets to marry her! I was so happy. Unfortunately, the wedding is a week before I get to India, but my mom is going, at least. I do not even know Amit’s fiancée’s name, but I am still very happy. I guess logic does win sometimes!

Continuing in the India theme I seem to have developed, I decided to ask my parents for Indian “dual citizenship” (not exactly dual citizenship, but it is close enough). It costs $275, but I think they might let me get it.I am not asking for a sweet sixteen party (my birthday’s in a month), nor am I requesting dual citizenship urgently. It is hard to explain, but I have always felt more strongly for India than for the US, and getting this would reflect that.

Hey, guys! Slumdog Millionaire won! I really loved the medley of the Original Song nominees at the Oscars. It was really beautiful. AR Rahman is a great singer (Dil Se . . . Re, Swades, and now Slumdog), and I am so glad he won the Oscar. John Legend was awesome, too.

I know the movie is technically made by British people (and produced by Warner Brothers, I believe), but I think it is great that more and more people are learning about India (however, it kind of sucks that they see so much of the slums, instead of the other bits). It was really fun to see from an Indian perspective, just because it was nice knowing and understanding more than the average viewer would (I learned some nice Hindi curse words from the movie that I promptly forgot).

I really have to get back to work . . . I am so behind! Sorry I have not blogged in a bit. I have just been procrastinating way too much. It used to be that blogging was how I procrastinated, but not anymore. Now I just sleep or something. I am actually not at all sure where my time goes. ;)


4 Responses to “India Stuffs”

  1. Adrika Says:

    :D You’ll love the Red Fort and Taj. They’re both really beautiful! When are you leaving? lol. I’m glad that those two are able to get married regardless of the “doofus with the star chart”.

  2. Jordan Says:

    THANK YOU! my life now has fulfillment and i can die. jk.

  3. Aly Says:

    Adrika: I started laughing at “doofus with the star chart” before I realized you were quoting ME at ME! I am leaving on the first of June.

    Jordan: Haha, I guess peer pressure really works…

  4. Priya Says:

    Got back on just to read your post. =D
    Hey, I’ve been to both Delhi and Agra! Finally, some place in India that I’ve been to that you haven’t! =P
    When you go to the Red Fort, GO AT NIGHT. They have this AMAZING light show that talks about the history of Delhi. It’s outstanding.
    Ride an elephant at the Taj for me–and take pictures! ; ]
    Dual citizenship sounds uber cool. I hope your parents get it for you!
    I saw the performance of Rahman on Youtube. Crappy quality, but I could still tell he rocked. I liked the other song that is supposedly from Wall-E too, and how they sorta combined it at the end.
    My mom now reallllly wants to see Slumdog because all her patients have been talking about it, so I might get to see it again this weekend, and maybe write down those curse words for you haha. =]

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