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My NHS Essay 27 February 2009

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Considering that I think I am the only one up at this point, so chances of plagiarism are approaching zero, I am going to go ahead and post this, along with commentary (in bold). Either that or I just want to update my blog and/or procrastinate some more. My essay was on service and what it means to me and all that jazz.

For most of my life, “service” has meant primarily one thing: helping people with homework. Compared to other forms of service [like saving the world through recycling or helping old people or something], it seems almost silly. However, tutoring others, and thereby making a difference (on a very personal level, of course) is what appeals to me most. It is also what comes naturally.

I said, “for most of my life”, and I was not lying. Ever since I can remember, I have helped others with school. It probably stems from my “general air of being a know-it-all”, as one friend put it [I was not going to do the “my friend” part–it’s total BS–but I thought it sounded too asshole-y without it] (and yes, that can be as obnoxious as it sounds)[yes, I actually called myself obnoxious in my essay]. Whatever the cause, I find that I always seem to attract those who need help. On the other side of the coin, I take honor very seriously, and always have: I can remember one specific instance, from elementary school, in which I refused to give away the answers to a worksheet-but offered to help my friend understand it [Fourth grade, sunshine math worksheet. Dylan wanted to copy, but I wouldn’t let him. I told him I would help him though. Still remember it].

Since beginning high school, I have found another way to help others with academics: at the start of my ninth grade year, my friend Julie Vu and I began “Julie’s Study Guides”, in which we publish study guides. In the intervening year and a half, we have gained more staff members and now have content for every grade level (our site is http://guidesbyjulie.blogspot.com/ ). Nowadays, I spend a lot of time fielding questions from those who click on my “chatback” badge (a form of instant messaging). [I had to come up with something to fill up the space, which is kind of why I did most of this paragraph]

My form of service not only benefits those I help, but also enriches my own life. Of course, to be able to help someone understand a concept, I must know it myself. Beyond that, however, I find a lot of happiness in the gratitude I receive for my efforts [this is true–it is nice sometimes]. I get new comments every week on study guides I have made in the past, thanking me for my time; those mean the most to me [both clauses are exaggerations, pretty much]. In fact, between the personal enrichment and the chance to receive CAS hours for my service, I feel practically guilty for getting so much benefit from my service! [this is sadly mostly true]

Before high school, my service consisted of tutoring. Since Julie’s Study Guides, my service has accordingly diversified. However, all of what I do to help others centers on academic help. This is a concept that comes naturally to me, and I hope to continue for a long time to come.  [I hate conclusions and also I did not have a lot of space left]


6 Responses to “My NHS Essay”

  1. Giouli Says:

    Very nice use of GBJ involvement. Mine was inspired by History Fair. :D

  2. Aly Says:

    Half of this essay just came to me. The other half I had to make up at 11 PM last night. That was fun.

  3. Priya Says:

    Wow yours is a lot more personal than mine…I’m worried now.

  4. Stephen Says:

    I did Leadership. I blew it out of the water (Eagle Scout here). The only reeeeeeallly awkward part is the person who’s reading it is one of my best friends. Yeah awkward,…*very*

  5. Aly Says:

    Haha, well you know Ms. Bidwell read them too.

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