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My Birthday 30 March 2009

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I turned sixteen today! Yay! :D

Today, as I was stepping outside to check the mail, the brilliancy of the day surprised me. This past week was very rainy (which is not something with which I have a problem), but it was nice to have a change. In fact, it was almost shocking to walk outside and see the brightness, the colors, the crispness. This time of year, it is not at all hot; it is quite pleasant, in fact.

Oddly enough, all these pleasant and cheering sights and sounds triggered a very different thought in my mind. For some reason, I wondered to myself, what if I died?



Have You Noticed? 29 March 2009

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I do not blog a lot. You have probably noticed.

I feel really bad for not blogging enough. I cannot even use homework as an excuse . . . I spend insane amounts of time on the computer not doing work. I just never know about what I should write. I start to write something, then think its boring or silly, or forget to finish it. I end up with a whole bunch of drafts and little inclination to finish them.

I think it is patently obvious that I need to write more, so you guys need to help me out with things about which to write! Because then, I will write, you will read, and we will all be happy! Yay!


Starcraft Is Sexy 15 March 2009

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It is also very serious business. That is right. Starcraft is serious business. Unlike the economy.


Fuh-cat 10 March 2009

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The FCAT today was a fairly enjoyable experience. And yes, you and I are thinking of the same “FCAT”: Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (but now that we all know what we are talking about, I think I will stick with “FCAT” for short).

As a sophomore, I had to take the reading portion of the FCAT today. Tomorrow is the math portion. The reason I liked the FCAT was that it was so nostalgic. This is the last time I will ever have to take the reading and math FCAT (unless I failed them . . . ;)). It was amazing how many memories of FCAT have built up in my mind over the years. (more…)


Twitter 4 March 2009

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I am addicted to Twitter. I joined two weeks ago, and already have 105 Tweets. I do not think that is a good thing. But it is pretty fun, and I have gotten a bunch of my friends to sign up (peer pressure–it works!).

As a lark, I decided to compose an “Ode to Yogurt” (in pseudo-Shakespearean English, no less) on Twitter and I would like to repost and possibly improve on it here.



Temporal Thoughts (and More!)

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It is kind of insane for me to think that this is already MARCH. In two months and some change, I will be taking AP exams. :O It seems as if just a little while ago, it was January and school ending was still half a year away. It is really scary how fast time passes.

Optimistically, I will be dead by my eightieth birthday. Pessimistically, this could happen a lot sooner. But considering that I will be turning sixteen this month, that means that my life is 20% complete. It is really, really scary (especially when I think about all I want to do and how much time I will have to accomplish it). Even considering that I do not recall the first few years of my life, it is just so hard for me to grasp that I have been here for sixteen whole years! Time is so mind-boggling.