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Temporal Thoughts (and More!) 4 March 2009

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It is kind of insane for me to think that this is already MARCH. In two months and some change, I will be taking AP exams. :O It seems as if just a little while ago, it was January and school ending was still half a year away. It is really scary how fast time passes.

Optimistically, I will be dead by my eightieth birthday. Pessimistically, this could happen a lot sooner. But considering that I will be turning sixteen this month, that means that my life is 20% complete. It is really, really scary (especially when I think about all I want to do and how much time I will have to accomplish it). Even considering that I do not recall the first few years of my life, it is just so hard for me to grasp that I have been here for sixteen whole years! Time is so mind-boggling.

Speaking of mind-boggling, read this if your mind needs boggling. Admittedly, I knew some of the facts mentioned already, but it was still really cool to read.

If you still want to waste time after hearing about my temporal insecurities, this video is pretty interesting. I have not finished watching it completely, but I have heard really good things about it. It is, be warned, forty minutes long. If you want to watch it in HD (as I did), be prepared to wait a while for it to buffer.

As I previously mentioned, I asked my parents to donate money on my behalf for my birthday. I am torn between the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation). The ACLU is pretty self-explanatory, but it has a very wide focus. The JREF focuses on fostering critical thinking and appreciation of science (the author of the post on the sun that I linked to above, Phil Plait, is president of the JREF), which is more my thing. I think my parents would like the ACLU more though. Plus, I would not have to explain about the ACLU in great detail, since they are already familiar with it.


4 Responses to “Temporal Thoughts (and More!)”

  1. Thanatos Says:

    ACLU is filled with psychos. It does good work sometimes, but other times it deals with the most ridiculous suits… like making it a right for prison inmates (I believe one was a convicted murderer) to access their myspaces… Yes, this is a true story. I read it in a newspaper. In fact, I did a report on it.

    I’d donate to Children’s Hunger Fund. It’s one of THE MOST efficient charities in the world. Besides, what’s more important than the children.

    I know that you won’t donate to them probably but I felt like getting that out.

  2. Thanatos Says:

    Doing some quick googling gave me this.

  3. Aly Says:

    Not that I dislike children or anything, but it is just not my thing. I might decide on the NCSE–National Center for Science Education. I am still undecided, though.

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