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Fodder 1 April 2009

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I have been trying to reorganize my bookmarks today, and I figured I would post some of the most interesting things I have there. Some of these I probably sent to people or posted in my status at some point. So, here you go: fodder for your procrastination. No thanks necessary. ;)

This is a very good explanation of why we have leap days, by Phil Plait, author of the Bad Astronomy blog.

Bored and lethargic? I have a solution! The national debt is increasing every second, and it is fascinating to just sit there at the computer and refresh this page to see it grow. I like this site because it also tells you how that boils down per person.

I do not actually have this page bookmarked, but it is pretty hilarious. See, when I went to India last (two years ago), I got really bored while my cousins were at school, so my grandfather started ordering the Mumbai Mirror for me. It had interesting local, national and international news, but also Hollywood and Bollywood sections and, happily, a page of games and puzzles. One of the best parts of the paper was the Ask the Sexpert column. Best in that it was funny and horrifying at the same time.

People write in with ridiculous questions, things that you would think they would know. I feel bad for the guy who writes it. Sometimes I wonder if he just sits there and “lmao”s. It is sad, though, because you realize how little people in India know about sex. I mean, this is just another indicator that there is something wrong here (the major indicator: India is on track to be the world’s most populous country, and all those people will be crammed into what is only the world’s seventh largest country by area). So despair and have a few lulz, all at once.

(Holy fuck. That site has a freaking ticker of comments? Can you say, “stupidest idea ever”? Who the hell came up with that? So freaking annoying. The worst part? Adblock Plus cannot even do anything about it. But the column is still great.)

This may appeal to you (it just makes me depressed): “Things To Be Miserable About“. I link to this because I think some of my friends my find some interest in it, and also because I have found that while FML.com is so depressing for me at times, a lot of people really enjoy it.

When I first started thinking about atheism–almost three years ago–I found a couple of sites that really exposed me to all the aspects of what this atheism thing really was. One of them was a site called “Ebon Musings“, which I highly recommend. The author of that site started a blog, called “Daylight Atheism“, and there was a time in which I used to read it, well, religiously. One of the best pieces I ever read on that site (and, trust me, there are many) was this post. I really connect with what it says. Seriously, go read it.
Well, folks, I have to go do stuff like homework and sleep (preferably not in that order). I hope you enjoy! (I have also come up with a few more things about which to write, so maybe I will actually be able to update more frequently!)

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