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More Links for Your Pleasure 21 April 2009

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I wrote before about reading Slaughterhouse-Five. I, very much by accident, came across another work by Kurt Vonnegut, a short story. The story, titled “Harrison Bergeron”, describes a futuristic dystopia and the actions of one Harrison Bergeron. It is very short, and very good. Thought-provoking, too. Read it, seriously.

Continuing in the theme of good writing, I suggest to everyone to read She walks in Beauty, a poem by Lord Byron. I would love this poem for its title alone, but the actual text is really good as well. I think that site has a couple more of Byron’s poems (use the “previous” and “next” links), so check those out too.

I was listening to NPR one day in the car when I heard about this guy who remixed stuff from YouTube and posted the videos. The story was really cool because you get to see the real effort the guy, Kutiman, put into it. His Website has all seven of his songs and plays them so you do not have to click to each individual YouTube page — that gets annoying.

If you have ever seen me do the “WOLF BLITZER!” thing and do not know why, this video from The Daily Show should reveal all. It is from an episode that aired back in July, when the New Yorker Magazine cover caused a great deal of controversy.

The day before the sexual reproduction/nervous system/musculo-skeletal system test in AP Biology (the same day Andrew and I were finishing the layout for the paper), I was randomly surfing Wikipedia — a wonderful pastime indeed — I came across this video: The Menstruation Story. Watch it and many lulz will be had. It was made by Disney in the fifties or something, and I think it is an absolute riot. Perhaps this is the reason I aced that test . . . ;)

In other news, I have so much work to do in the next few days that I think I might just go become a wandering hermit deep in the forests of central India — who am I kidding, I would hate that. Anyway, I am off to face hell now. See you on the flip side.


2 Responses to “More Links for Your Pleasure”

  1. Edmond Dantes Says:

    I know the narrator. HAHAHAHA. SO funny to hear Barbara Hale narrate that.

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