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It Turns Out… 27 April 2009

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It turns out that the raspberries were not raspberries at all.

They were blackberries. I found a bunch of blackberry bushes/thorny things around the yard, and managed to collect an entire handful of juicy, juicy goodness. How ever, it seems that while I was risking life and limb (those thorns fucking hurt!), the local mosquito population was feeding on the juicy, juicy goodness that is me. Six bites, from under ten minutes outside!

I used to wonder what would happen if mosquitoes just disappeared from the world. I thought the world would be, in general, a better place. Forget little bites; I was thinking the end of malaria, West Nile, yellow fever, and the like. However, my mom pointed out that while the females feed off blood, the males play a role in pollination many flowers [citation needed]. Damn. Years of education rebelled at the thought of fewer pollinators. How many years had I heard, “Bees are not worthless, little children, they help make fruit!” So I guess that is a no-go.

In other news, I have an extremely fucked up sleep schedule. I think a good ol’ xkcd reference is in order here. Seriously, 3 AM is actually normal for me. I make it up by taking an epic nap after Jeopardy! (but before homework begins). It kind of works out, I guess, but my parents do not like it (I eat dinner later than they like) and I end up doing most of my work when no one else is online (or awake, for that matter) to help. :P

But also, I think it shows an overall lack of self-control on my part. I know, I know, I promised I would “focus“, but, shit, you actually thought that would work‽ (<—Interrobang! surprises you with force!) And look, here we are, AP exams just around the corner (and, continuing the metaphor, AP Biology semester exam so close we’re about to bump into it), and I have this terrible feeling that I am totally screwed. Did I really think I would be able to make a 5 on four AP exams? Yes. Do I still do? Kinda. I hope. It is just so easy to procrastinate, to put it all away and think you will get to it another day.

But screw that, you know? I am going to freaking pwn those exams. You know how? I am going to publish this post, close this laptop, and go read my Barron’s Guide until bedtime (40 minutes away). Damn straight!

(I hope this works)

One Response to “It Turns Out…”

  1. ibyea Says:

    That has been my sleeping schedule for like what… A few months. Yeah, I have been procrastinating some bit, espcially in the middle of research paper plus other assignments. I promise myself to focus too, but then it leads me to exploring youtube after finishing parts of my assigments. Since major assignments are over, I can sleep with peace. ^_^

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