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Updated Blagroll 14 May 2009

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I have been meaning to do it for a while, but never got around to it. Deleted some sites that never update or whatever and added a bunch of new ones, including several webcomics. Check ’em out on the right sidebar. —>

In the mean time, how about some more pickings from my bookmarks folder?

This is a hilarious piece on Twilight, prompted by its release to DVD in March. I cannot read it without laughing. The comments on Edward’s hair are great.

I think I saw this game, nanaca crash, on some Twitter feed. Anyway, it is pretty odd but actually fun. I suggest skipping the “how to play” part entirely and going straight to the game itself. Enjoy.

I totally thought this video, Magical Martial Arts, must be from the seventies. Turns out it was made in the nineties. It is so great but it has a few cliffhangers, so I kind of want to watch the entire thing (this is some sort of ad). I found it on Amazon.com and am debating buying it. It is basically the most random, trippy shit but kind of win.

Perhaps you recall the Story of Mixed Emoticons (do not feel like digging up link; diy kthx?). This is another video from TED.com by the same guy, Rives (pronounced “reeves”) and it is pretty cool. I tried to find more videos of his stuff online, but there do not seem to be a lot. :(

My mom is leaving for India tomorrow/today/whatevertimeisjustahumanconstruct. I will not be joining her until June, and it is definitely going to be weird for these next two weeks. My dad and I are very much alike so it means there are times when we grate on each other and times when we get along great (:D puns!). But yeah, I also have one AP exam left, since I took my third one, AP English Language and Composition, today. It was very enjoyable. I would say more but I do not want ETS to come find me and cancel my grades. Or something.


4 Responses to “Updated Blagroll”

  1. Priya Says:

    I can’t really tell any differences in your blogroll, but then again, the only one I check on there is Lindsey’s Rantings. =P

    Hahahaa @ hilarious piece on twilight. Yeah, Edward totally needs to get a sense of humor.

    I have to go since we’re extremely late for school (like, the latest ever), so I’ll check out the other links later. I wonder who’s going to place the closest bet as to when we get there.

  2. Priya Says:

    And abstruse goose. Huh. I hadn’t seen it on there. You should add murder burger.

    • Aly Says:

      I told the entire class that you were going to be late, that you weren’t just skipping. I don’t think they believed me because you didn’t even show up to first period. I looked like an idiot. :P

      And the point of a blagroll is that it’s a list of sites you regularly read. I don’t read Murder Burger, therefore it doesn’t go on my blagroll.

  3. Jordan Says:

    Holy crap, that game is amazing, i couldnt stop laughing and i really got into it, its so fun! -the link is so going on my facebook

    Sorry your mom is gone…:(

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