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My Last AP Exam Is Tomorrow 15 May 2009

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Tomorrow is the AP Human Geography exam, the last of my four APs this year. I am (perhaps unwarrantably) extremely nervous about this one. This is the only exam for which I feel unprepared. This is the closest to cramming I have come this AP season, which is kind of ridiculous because APHG has the reputation of being one of the easiest exams ever.

I am pretty worried that I will somehow make a four on this exam and make fives on the other (more challenging) ones; that would not only be ironic but also disappointing. My anxiety is not only due to the scant preparation afforded by the class itself, but also reasons specific to me.

My mom left for India today. Her plane left at 2:20 this afternoon. Eight hours later, I was already crying because I missed her. It has been a long time since I have been separated from her for more than a few days. I know I will be seeing her again in just two weeks, but it is not the same because she will not be here, she will not be home until July. Of course, there is a symmetry to it all: as I am missing my mother, she is in the company (or will be soon enough) of her own mother, whom she has not seen for two years. My two months widen their eyes, shudder, and run off into a dark corner, quailing before such a number as two years.

This does give me and my father some bonding time, and I think we have managed the first ten hours rather well. He helped me review some human geography stuff, but it still was not the same as it would have been if my mom were here. *sigh* I suppose it is time to stop whining and wallowing. I have to prepare for my exam tomorrow!!


4 Responses to “My Last AP Exam Is Tomorrow”

  1. Priya Says:

    “My two months widen their eyes, shudder, and run off into a dark corner, quailing before such a number as two years.”

    Wait, didn’t you say earlier on in that paragraph that you’ll see her in two weeks?

    I hears APHG was realllly hard. True?

    • Aly Says:

      It will be two months before we are both home again–here, Pensacola. Home for her is, I suppose, both; but for me, India isn’t home, as much as I love it.

    • Aly Says:

      Also, I can’t comment on the APHG test. You know my test could be invalidated if I discuss its contents before 24 hours have elapsed, and I can never discuss the multiple choice questions.

      I don’t know about your AP grades, Priya, but mine will not be invalidated. ;P

  2. […] it would have been good. So many happy things happened today. I took the AP Human Geography exam (my last one for this year) and did fairly well. The multiple choice section was rather tricky, but I did an adequate job. I […]

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