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What Happened? 16 May 2009

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What happened to my day? It had great potential. If anyone else had lived it, perhaps it would have been good. So many happy things happened today. I took the AP Human Geography exam (my last one for this year) and did fairly well. The multiple choice section was rather tricky, but I did an adequate job. I am more confident about the written responses. Since each is 50% of the total score, I’m hoping for a 5 (but this is the one exam for which I would not be too surprised if I got a 4).

My dad dropped me off at home and I watched shows on Hulu for a good three hours. I did start missing my mom a lot again, though I am not really sure why I feel so strongly about it. It is unnerving to feel so worked up and not be able to explain it logically (then again, I teared up at the airport last time when my mom were leaving, even though my dad was joining us within like three days). And, of course, one of the episodes of Bones I saw on Hulu had to do with motherhood….perfect timing. Overall, though, I thought things were going pretty decently.

I will not bore you with the intricacies, but it ended up taking a lot of effort to coordinate phone calls with my mom. It made me very unhappy, though at least getting in contact was nice.

Anyway, my dad ended up going shopping for a dress that I can wear to my piano recital in two weeks and also possibly to Pradeep Uncle’s surprise (?) party tomorrow. And also possibly to my grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary celebration, depending on whether or not they will want me to wear Indian clothes. The dress is really cute, though, and I enjoy that my dad is the one who found it. He is undoubtedly a better and more eager shopper than I.

Several other things too irrelevant to be included here also occurred, and the sum total should have been squarely on the positive side. However, as I explained before, I am feeling oddly anxious and emotional about this whole my-mommy-is-half-way-around-the-world deal. I just do not understand what happened to what could have, would have, should have been a great day.

This is too great for me not to include. I am freaking out over the new awesomeness that is Wolfram|Alpha and am basically typing in random word that pop into my mind. Of course, I typed in “mommy” (I am now getting worried over how worried I feel about her…).

"Mommy" according to Wolfram|Alpha

"Mommy" according to Wolfram|Alpha

The second-to-last row is particularly interesting. “Probability for shared Y chromosome” apparently “depends on genders”. Er…


One Response to “What Happened?”

  1. Adrika Says:

    hehe. that second to last row is interesting. Not too much longer until you can see your mom! I bet she misses you a lot too. See you at the party! :D

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