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Things Are Changing 24 May 2009

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Next Thursday is graduation day for the class of 2009. One member of that class is Aditi, whom I have known since, well, third grade, I believe.

She is not only one of the nicest and sweetest people of I have met, she is also funny and helpful and has been a really awesome friend. I remember a time when we used to be “best friends”, when we used to have sleep-overs and paint our nails using twenty different colors, when we geeked out over Harry Potter. I remember going over to her house twice a week when my mom worked and watching Gilmore Girls or sneaking up on her brother to catch him playing video games instead of doing homework. And then, once she started high school and got busier, she would still come over so my mom could help her with biology. And there is so much more.

Considering that I was approximately eight years old when I met her, and I am 16 now, I have known her half my life. We have shared so many beautiful memories, and she is truly someone I will never forget.

And now, she is going to college. She is the first of “my generation”, if you will, to do so. And damn, am I going to miss her. That she is leaving is finally beginning to sink in.

In two years, that will be me. And that is incredibly scary. It is not just that I am growing up; that happens every day. It is comprehending that change is not far away. And not small, barely meaningful change. Big, bold, life-altering change. Change you can believe in (I had to…). It is the kind of change that would make me quake in my boots if I owned any. This whole event just gives a dash of much-needed perspective.

So yes, I am going to miss Aditi dearly. But I am also going to appreciate what I have more than ever, and be ready to throw it off when the time comes. Because change is not always scary. Change can be simply wonderful. All the best, Aditi!


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