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I Am Jealous… 28 May 2009

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Kay pretty much abandoned his old blag and is now at “1,123,581,321,345,589” (Unless you’re a total incompentent, you know that is the Fibonacci sequence. Yes! Just imagine how many self-esteems I just crushed in one fell swoop!). He got lots of awesome people like Linda, Chao, and Matt to contribute to his blag . . . and I got jealous. Or, as Holly says, I was jellin’. So badly.

See, Kay managed to make his blag awesomer within a week than I had managed in the months of having this one. :( But this was quickly remedied.

Firstly, Julie and Priya both promised to guest posts in the next week or so. I am cool again! :D Secondly, Kay added me to his blag, and  I added Kay to mine. This is so exciting! I am supposed to write myself an intro-type post over there, but either I am totally inept with computers (I’m not.) or something weird is going on, because WordPress does not seem to know that I should be allowed to write a post over there, dammit! :P  I will get it all sorted out later.

Anyway, I still have to finish up this review packet for chemistry that is worth 10 points out of about 70 on the exam tomorrow. Ugh. At least I finished pre-calculus.

Confession: I actually enjoyed the pre-calculus review packet. It was exciting. xD I am such a nerd . . . but NOT a geek, which is something totally different. I just learned this today.

I shall spare you of my rantings (for lack of a better word) presently, as I must get back to my chemistry. I just want to get this over with so I can get prepared for CHICAGO and then INDIA. Yeah, yeah. ;)


8 Responses to “I Am Jealous…”

  1. Giouli Says:

    You FINALLY learned the difference between a nerd and a geek! I’m so proud of you!

    • Aly Says:

      Well I do know one thing for sure. You are a TOTAL loser. :P

    • spud Says:

      wow, you never realized that you were a geek and i was a nerd? and that they are both groups denoting a loser?

      • Aly Says:

        To my understanding, a nerd is someone who likes academics and lame stuff like that. A geek is someone with few social skills, typically a loner or something.

        A loser is just for when I don’t like someone at this moment but I can’t come up with another insult.

  2. Holly Says:


  3. […] — Aly @ 2:58 am I feel kind of stupid for not mentioning this, but since my post, I Am Jealous…, Kay added me to his blog (at which I posted twice), and I added him here (though he still has not […]

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