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CLOSE CALL 1 July 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aly @ 11:25 pm

Thank goodness there are still 40 minutes left in Canada Day (CST). Because I forgot to wish everyone HAPPY CANADA DAY on this here blog. Canada Day has a deep significance for me, but it’s something personal that you probably wouldn’t care to hear about. Just trust that it’s not only my deep love and appreciation for Canada that incites me to celebrate this wonderful day.

You’ll also note that I will neglect to do a Fourth of July post. This is because I’m a secret commie intent on destroying the USA from the inside out, starting with the great institution that is launching fireworks into the air and starting forest fires.


2 Responses to “CLOSE CALL”

  1. cloudcomplex Says:

    Quit hating on forest fires.

    • Aly Says:

      Dude I love forest fires. Lighting them is my favorite after-school activity. (jk)

      But fireworks just aren’t my thing. All the noise, all the waste of money — they’re cool, but not so cool that I need to see them multiple times a year. I find more to ooh and aah at in science or math.

      But this is America we’re talking about.

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