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The Chatback Chronicles: This Time It’s Personal 1 July 2009

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He’s back. And this time, it’s personal. I wasn’t logged in to Gtalk when this started, so it showed up as a chat box in Gmail, meaning I could copy text directly without screenshotting. However, I could only do one box-window at a time, meaning it was easier to just copy in this chat with Priya. I italicized all the stuff copied directly from the chat to make it easier to read. Please enjoy.
asdfgh1411: secret admirer’s back
Priya: OMG
from way back when?
asdfgh1411: yes
Guest: where’d you go
me: excuse me?
Guest: u left
me: from where?
Guest: i chatted ud
remember me?

me: nope
Guest: r u kidding
[my name]
this is awesome
asdfgh1411: Guest: r u kidding
[my name]
i love u
and u dont even remember me
me: I’ve been told I have a terrible memory
Guest: lol
ure so cute

i wanted to say that i just cant stay away from u anymore
Priya: “ure so cute”?
don’t make me puke
asdfgh1411: r u sure u dont remember me?
ure breaking my heart here

junior in ap bio
now senior
me: ah yes, I remember something rather vague
Guest: :(

doesnt matter
Priya: haha, “something vague”? nice touch, there
asdfgh1411: all that matters is that i love u
i wont lie to u
there was someone else
we started dating
and thats why i started chatting with u
oops i mean stopped

but she was never rite for me
Priya: wtf is up with this guy?
asdfgh1411: every time we kissed
i only thought bout u
i had to end it with her
me: That’s unfortunate

Guest: we broke up ten minutes ago
and im all urs now baby
me: This is very unfortunate

and while I appreciate the sentiment
I’m taken
Priya: hahahaha “that’s unfortunate”
asdfgh1411: :)
He hasn’t said anything yet
Priya: what’d he say to that?
asdfgh1411: Guest: wat?!?!?!?!?!
tell me the motha fuckas name

[my name]
tell me his name
i have to no who u think is better than me
Priya: O.o
this guy needs to be in a mental hospital
asdfgh1411: me: Perhaps his best quality is the fact that I know his name
Priya: hahahahaha
asdfgh1411: Guest: ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
me: which cannot be said of you
Guest: ur so sexy when u smart talk
leave him baby
just tell me this fuckers name
and we can be together
me: Only one person is allowed to call me sexy
and that person is not, funnily enough, you
Priya: pukes
omg this is seriously making me nauseous
asdfgh1411: Guest: r u saying this guy is allowed to call u sexy?1?!?!?!?
id kill anyone who even tried to
me: Perhaps you should consider suicide.
Priya: this guy is a piece of work
and haha at your last comment
asdfgh1411: I’d be worried, except he’s typing
Priya: lol
you’re sooo mean =P
asdfgh1411: me: You didn’t really commit suicide, did you? Because that would be unfortunate.
Guest: watre u saying baby
tell me this isnt true
me: no can do
Guest: i opend up to u
gave u my heart

i lef the hottest girl in school for u
me: See, this is great and all, but just a tip to make it slightly more convincing for the next girl. Drop the anonymity. It makes me think you’re a pervert in the public library.
Priya: well? what’d he say to that?
asdfgh1411: nothing so far
Guest: i cant tell u who i am
and im not a fucking asshole in a library
asdfgh1411: me: And why exactly can’t you tell me who you are?
Guest: ud never want to date a guy like me
ur probably dating some rally smart prep
well im not that fucker
i hate those types of guys
Priya: bing bing bing!
we have a winner!
asdfgh1411: me: excuse me?
Guest: that mutha fucking asswhole that thinks hes the best thing in the whole fucking world
me: He quite possibly might be.
ok now it’s getting creepy
he is either on facebook or reads my blog
Priya: what what what?
asdfgh1411: Guest: well ill take care of him
why do u like him anyways
ill never understand u
all i kno is that ur beuatiful
tell me one thing

does he kno ur birthday is march 30
wait no must be on facebook
does he kno ur indian, specfically gujrati
does he kno ur innermost desiers
i do
Priya: O.O
ok, um
asdfgh1411: me: Hmm lemme go ask him
Guest: does he kno u dont have a favorite color but think pink is pretty
and that u like math
and that if i was the only man on the world
then id only want to be with iy
me: He knows all of that, except for that last one.
Guest: he just says he does
he doesnt really like u
or appreciate u
me: Wow, this is super-effective. See, by insulting my boyfriend, you’re revealing how much more awesome he is in comparison to you.

Guest: hes just some fucking chinese fucker who snuck into my country is stealing our jobs
Priya: O.O
this is getting creepier by the minute
asdfgh1411: me: Ooh and now with the racism. You’re getting more attractive by the second.
Guest: wat do u see in him [my name]?

tell me
baby ill change
wat do u see in this guy
Priya: ok, um, bipolar much?
asdfgh1411: haha
me: That’s between two people, and you are not one of them.
Guest: who else knos
ur friends?
which two friends?
those brown grils?
or the chinese one
me: two people. Me and him.
Guest: chinese girl
wat the fuck?
u dont even kno wat u see in him?
me: I know, but why the hell would I tell you?
Guest: so i can change
baby u make me want to be better
Priya: cheesy much?
asdfgh1411: i left a beautiful woman for u
who was an amazing kisser
only because i knew u were even bettre
Priya: this guy listens to too much radio
asdfgh1411: rofl
me: It’s very flattering, but let me put this plainly. I’m not interested.
ROFL this is great
Guest: no wait listen
im taking remedial math
i kno ur smart
im gonna get smarter
Priya: you’re so cruel! xD
asdfgh1411: REMEDIAL MATH.
Soooo attractive.
Priya: I am literally rofling right now
except on this couch
not on the floor
asdfgh1411: rocl
I’m robl
me: Get smarter for a girl who isn’t taken. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.
Guest: its easy to become available again
baby i only want u
u can just break up with that sucker
who by the way i didnt want to take it to this but he stinks
and wat kind of a name does he have
i forgot it but all i remember is that its a letter
something like that
Priya: wow this guy really did take it too far =P
asdfgh1411: me: This conversation is really going nowhere.
Not to mention you’re insulting my boyfriend.
Priya: someone’s very protective =P
asdfgh1411: Guest: break up with him!
be my girlfriend!
me: Thanks, but no thanks.
[Sarah Palin said, “And so I said thanks, but no thanks, to the bridge to nowhere.”]
Priya: hahahahaha
I can imagine her saying that
asdfgh1411: Guest: look how about i send u a pic of me
maybe that will change ur mind
me: it might.
send it to guidesbyjulie@gmail.com
Priya: why do you lead him on so?
asdfgh1411: lol
Guest: no ill post the link rite here
im a model u kno
me: that works
he’s a model, you know
Priya: woooow, impressive
asdfgh1411: I wonder what Adrika’s reaction will be when she reads this
she left before it got good
Priya: her loss!
omg send pic send pic send pic
Priya: holy shit
there’s no way that guy is a teenagr
asdfgh1411: me: That looks legit.
Because it’s not at all like you probably Google Image searched “hot guy
Priya: wait
look at the title above it
this isn’t the guy. T.T
asdfgh1411: no really
Priya: “See more hot high school guys pictures”
asdfgh1411: Priya, you’re too gullible
Priya: wtf?
asdfgh1411: Guest: i didnt
thats me
Priya: rolls eyes
asdfgh1411: me: I’m really not falling for that one.
Guest: u dont have to fall for anything!

just fall for me
thats me
Priya: ENOUGH with the cheesy lines…geezus
asdfgh1411: me: Nice line, but wordplay won’t get you far with me. Honestly, you should really just give up right now.
The entertainment value of this conversation is waning.
Guest: ur a bitch
im txting my ex rite now
she said she wanted me back
u go run off with ur chinese asshole
me: will do.
Guest: and ill go have a fun time with my hot girlfriend
me: You do that.
Guest: have a god damned fucking horrible life
me: I’d prefer that didn’t happen, but I appreciate the sentiment.
Guest: and by the way
i AM a pervert in a public library
one thats about to close
i got all ur info from ur fb page
i heard from a friend that someone was stalking u
and posed as that guy
idk who the hell he is
Priya: O.O
asdfgh1411: so ur the one the joke was played on
not me
me: Thanks for letting me know.
Priya: wait
so I’m guessing he doesn’t have that “hot girlfriend” either
asdfgh1411: rolleyes
Priya: you HAVE to post this on your blog
asdfgh1411: working on it
Priya: this was like the longest one yet
asdfgh1411: possibly
Priya: and it was the most hilarious
do you really think this guy isn’t your stalker from months ago?
or do you think he was lying about that?
asdfgh1411: I think it’s the same dude
Priya: we’ll have to examine the language and speaking patterns from the chats months ago
xD that was great!

15 Responses to “The Chatback Chronicles: This Time It’s Personal”

  1. Priya Says:

    Yaaaay I’m featured on the blog. =D

  2. Priya Says:

    Can this count as my guest blogger post?

  3. Mgccl Says:

    this thing can be made into creepypasta easily.

  4. cloudcomplex Says:

    This qualifies as creepypasta if you’re Kay, but that’s it.

  5. Aly Says:

    That’s an awesomely awesome nebula.

  6. Aly Says:

    wtf these reply threads are getting very, very confusing.

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