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Piano Joys 2 July 2009

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I’m playing piano again. Obviously I couldn’t play much in India, but I did perform “My Favorite Things” for my grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary party on a very small keyboard. And before India, it wasn’t playing as much as repeating the same two songs over and over, in preparation of my recital, which went as well as could be expected considering Dollarhide’s (the piano store where they hold recitals) was ridiculously freezing. Cold fingers make not for good piano playing.

And now I am learning new songs again. I am on the last one I have to play in this book, and my teacher gave me my new books at my last lesson, so that is exciting. I already looked through it and am excited about all the composers whose music I will be playing. Clementi, J.C. Bach, Elgar (Pomp and Circumstance, of course. What else was he even known for?), some dude named Brugmüller of whom I’d never heard but he has two works in this book so he must be important, and hopefully many more in the other book which I haven’t gotten yet.

Learning is the best part of playing music. Once you’ve learned it, and you’re down to subtle dynamics tweaks or nitpicks I am sure teachers come up with so they don’t have to do more work (haha just kidding, I love my teacher), it just is not as fun anymore. The best part is when you are beginning to master it, but are not there yet, so you still have to try and really pay attention when you are playing. If I play my recital pieces now (I do love them and still like to play them), I can let my mind wander for a few measures and trust that nothing horribly wrong has happened. It is kind of cool when it first happens, but then it begins to get annoying.

I am glad I am home alone for most of the day, so I can play on a whim without being worried about disturbing someone working or watching TV. It also means I can exclaim without inhibition when I mess up or when I nail it.

In conclusion, piano rocks. :)


3 Responses to “Piano Joys”

  1. Priya Says:

    haha very nice post. I like your descriptions about the whole experience. Man, I wish I could play piano! >.<

  2. Adrika Says:

    Dude! Clementi is awesome!!! His music makes me all happy. Any Beethoven?

    • Aly Says:

      Nope, but I think my teacher has had enough of him. Everyone at the last recital had to play one piece by Beethoven. :)

      ALSO, I looked at the sonatina by Clementi yesterday during my lesson, and told my teacher about how my old teacher had started teaching me some Clementi, but it had been too difficult for me. I took out my old Clementi book and realized that the sonatina I had started, Op. 36 No. 1, was the same one as in the book! I had done movements one and two (partially), and the one in the book was movement three, but I loved the coincidence.

      My teacher wants me to pick out something “fun” to play in addition to my lesson book, but I hesitate to tell her that I would love to try more classical. My recital piece by Beethoven was perhaps more fun than “My Favorite Things”.

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