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Veejay from India Gets a Job! 25 July 2009

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I am currently reading Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat. It is intriguing and I am learning a lot. I totally loved this quotation, and wanted to share it with someone, but no one who would have appreciated it was online! :( Instead, I share it with my dear readers, of which I possess, on a good day, perhaps ten. *ironicfistpump* Awesome.

‘”Every IT manager was told to get the same amount of work or more
done with less money. So guess what he does? He says, ‘You remember
Vijay from India who used to work here during the boom and then went
back home? Let me call him over in Bangalore and see if he will do the
work for us for less money than what we would pay an engineer here in
the U.S.'”‘

Why is this so funny? I am not entirely sure. (It sure was fun doing the quadruple quotation marks, though!) I just like the whole image of randomwhiteguyinsuit saying, “Hey, remember Veejay [that’s how white people pronounce it] from India? We should call him up!”

But this section is surely interesting, because it is all about how India became so crucial to American companies. It all has to do with Y2K and the dotcom boom/bust. It is truly fascinating stuff. I am only perhaps 20% into the book so far, but I like it.

Yeah. You should read it.


2 Responses to “Veejay from India Gets a Job!”

  1. danial Says:

    That book is dumb… Outsourcing is sooooo last year

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