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Much Love for TI 29 July 2009

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As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I have a deep-seated hatred for Acer (and Hrithik Roshan, the Bollywood actor who was/is a spokesperson for them) because my laptop is really shitty. As a side note, I was in the UWF library one day with my laptop out. This one dude came up and asked me how I felt about Acer. His daughter wanted to buy one. I told him, on no uncertain terms, that it was not a good decision (I feel bad for losing Acer a sale, but at the same time, I don’t want someone else to buy a lemon on my account!).

Anyway, I feel obliged to call out a company for its awesomeness when circumstances require. Right now, they require.

Ever since like March or something, my beloved TI-Nspire stopped working. Just — stopped. It was terribly scarring, of course. I borrowed Mrs. Nagel’s 83 for the rest of the year, and I kept putting off calling the TI people. Today, I bucked up and stopped procrastinating.

The process was simple and painless. I simply called the customer service number, 1 -800-TI-Cares. After listening to a voice mail system that told me to stay on the line for assistance, I got connected to someone. I told them my problem, and after trying a few remedies that didn’t work, she told me they would send me a new calculator! And, they will arrange for Fed-Ex to pick up my old calcultor. It was great! There weren’t even any questions about warranties (I don’t have the receipt, but it was within the warranty period), registering the calculator, nothing. I will have a new, working Nspire within the next week or so.

<3 Thank you, TI! You just made my day!


10 Responses to “Much Love for TI”

  1. Priya Says:

    dude, wth? that’s awesome. I’m trying to think of ways one could manipulate this lenient system to get more than one Nspire (because you know of my awe for those calculators). Hmm…

  2. Giouli Says:

    Priya! This is why some companies are so unhelpful…the helpful ones like TI are the target of people who want to rip them off. *coughs*

    I didn’t know yours stopped working, Helie. Mine’s still fine…

  3. Priya Says:

    Yaaaaay. Sounds like a plan. You’re lucky, you’re going to be like one of the first ppl to see me when we get back (republic day partay).

    • Aly Says:

      Sorry, deleted the comment you were replying to because Julie commented and it screwed everything up. Gist of comment I deleted: meet-up at B&N to finish/start calculus assignment.

      And, you are a very bad Indian. Republic Day? Really? Go get surgery like Michael Jackson, because you do not deserve to be brown.

      Julie: Yeah, just my luck, too. *rolleyes*

      I agree. They give me great service, and I reward them by … stealing their product? Lovely. Plus, they have my name and address and everything. They could like … knock down my door and demand I return their calculator.

      • Priya Says:

        I am a very bad Indian.
        bad Priya, bad Priya…
        *bangs head against the wall*

      • Aly Says:

        Clarification for non-Indians: Republic Day is on January 26th. August 15th, when Priya and I are going to the partay, is Independence Day.

  4. Mgccl Says:

    I won a free TI-Nspire *\^_^/*
    yeah, I have so little to contribute except showing off the fact I have a TI-Nspire too.

  5. danial Says:


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