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Chansons Française 31 August 2009

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(The title is French for “French songs”)
The other day in class, Madame played a French song for us and had us try to figure out the lyrics. The song is called “C’est Dit”, “it is said”. It is a very sweet song and the singer, Calogero, has a beautiful voice. I found a Website, LingoLyrics.com, that translates songs to French and posts them on YouTube with the translations. Here is “C’est Dit” with translation:



Nerdiest Superpower Ever

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Well, not superpower, but weird skill, I guess. I use a tabbed browser (which is basically every browser by 2009).  I’m not positive about what it’s like in other browsers, but in Firefox and Chrome, you can hit ctrl+[number of tab] (warning: this post is Windows-centric) to go to that tab. It gets confusing, because WordPress and Google Documents use the same hotkeys to change font size, but I am so hooked on switching tabs this way.

At any one time, I might have six or seven, or even eight, tabs open at one time (I have six currently). After about nine, it gets confusing, and it’s hard to reach ctrl and 9 with my left hand, so that puts a ceiling on how many tabs I need open at once.

But when I have a lot of tabs open, I am somehow able to pinpoint exactly which tab I want to switch to. For example, if I am in tab 3 and need to switch to Facebook, which is over to the very right, I somehow know, most of the time, whether to push ctrl+7 or ctrl+8. Does that make sense?

But yeah, I have noticed this for a while, and I think hilarious, sad (that I even noticed it), and pretty absurd. But there you are.


La Marseillaise 30 August 2009

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I am kind of hooked on listening to all these French songs on YouTube. I want to write a longer post about it later, but I was just listening to La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

How violent is that? I know the American national anthem is about a war, too, but it is about rising above the fighting and persevering and surviving. This song is about killing other people and letting their “tainted blood” drench our ground. Dude, that’s pretty screwed up, I’m not gonna lie.

I mean, French people are awesome. But the national anthem makes me a little uncomfortable. The only other one I can immediately recall is the Indian one, and that’s just about how awesome India is and stuff. And isn’t Canada’s just about how awesome Canada is? Yeah (note that the French lyrics are way different from the English lyrics. I love that).

I cannot wait to write about all these other great French songs I found on YouTube. They are so good!


Revisiting a Brave New World 28 August 2009

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I have read Brave New World multiple times, probably at least four. But I hanging out at the UWF library the other day, and I thought I would check out a book or two. I spotted Brave New World and saw that it was accompanied by Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley’s nonfiction work discussing the implications of the issues he raised in the novel. I had not gotten a chance to read it until then, so I was excited and checked it out.

I took the opportunity to reread the novel itself, which I finished a while ago. I loved it even more this time around. There is a whole chapter in which the object of this new society is explained. I wish I could quote it all, but instead I will present this short bit from the end of that chapter: (more…)


What I Am Reading: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom 27 August 2009

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I have started reading some books and short stories by Cory Doctorow. You may know him from the numerous xkcd comics referencing him. Most of those comics are about his advocacy for free content. He is anti-DRM and -restrictive copyright laws. He is also an author.

You can find almost all of his books online, available for free (in a variety of formats), on his Website (links at end). I recommend going through the Wikipedia articles, because I had trouble navigating his site. Anyway, I downloaded the Word documents and uploaded them to my phone. (If I understand correctly, you upload from your computer to something else and download to your computer from something else?) (more…)


100 Posts! 26 August 2009

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OMG guys! I have 100 posts on here! :O

Yeah, I don’t have much more to say about that. Sorry, this is kind of a wimp of a post, but at least I’m posting daily, right? I will be up to 200 in no time!


Piano Update 25 August 2009

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It appears that my desire to play and practice piano is directly correlated with school. When I was taking Spanish I at UWF, I played pretty often. The second I stopped and “real summer” kicked in, I just lost all desire to play anything.

But now, miraculously, I have begun to practice! I am so happy about this. I remember the days when piano was a chore, and I did not want to return to them. (more…)