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Digirakhis 4 August 2009

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Indian alert.

August 5, 2009, is when the Raksha Bandhan festival takes place this year. Raksha Bandhan is one of two ceremonies between brothers and sisters (can include cousins or pseudo-siblings) in Hinduism. The sister ties a small bracelet-type thing (picture) onto the brother’s right wrist. It symbolizes the sister’s request for protection (slightly paternalistic, I know), support, brotherly affection, etc. The brother accepts this request and shows his love for his sister by giving her a gift (money! xD), and the sister feeds him sweets. That’s the way it works in my family, anyway.

Having no siblings, I usually tie rakhdis for my cousins, of which I have four. In the past, when I have gone to India, we have had a quick pre-Raksha Bandhan ceremony so I (and my mom) can tie rakhdis before I leave. However, this time, in all the rush, we just plain forgot. So that is one cousin who never got his rakhdi!

The other three live in Canada, which means we usually send them rakhdis and have my girl cousin, who does live there, tie them by proxy. But I decided to be A MAVERICK and make digirakhis. I basically just put them together in Paint over the past few days. They took very little time and I think they look a bit lame, but everyone who saw them loved them, so I figured I’d post them on here.


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