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Shake Fiesta Acer 7 August 2009

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Once again, my distaste for Acer and my appreciation of Texas Instruments intersect. I was trying to link my calculator (it got here on Monday and I looooove it!) to my laptop. First, I had to install the correct driver software, so I inserted the CD that came with the calculator. Windows said it could not detect the correct drivers, but I tried various other methods until I tired of the matter and did something else.

I ended up deciding to play a CD of Tchaikovsky I rediscovered recently, and when I inserted the disc, lo and behold! Windows could not read the CD. Being a person of above-retarded intelligence, I quickly realized the truth. My Acer was once again unable to read CDs (yes, this happened once before. It will be two years old in December. Seriously?). I am pretty freaking pissed off.

In other news, I started tweeting about my computer problems. I’ve tagged all the posts with “#acersucks”, and Priya for one has contributed her own Acer difficulties.

[The post is a reference to a conversation I had with Young on Facebook. I said, “*shakesfistatMicrosoft*”, and Young read it as “shake fiesta Microsoft”.]


2 Responses to “Shake Fiesta Acer”

  1. Giouli Says:

    Actually, the TI-Nspire thing probably isn’t Acer. Mine can’t do it, either.

    • Aly Says:

      Well, I haven’t been able to connect my calculator yet, so it can’t be TI’s fault. The point is, I can’t even install the drivers because the CD drive doesn’t work.

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