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Generic First Day Post 24 August 2009

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Upperclassman now. Yep. Honestly, it was not that different. A lot of my teachers were familiar, so there was not too much unexpected. Rundown of the day:

First period: AP Chemistry with Mr. Mitchell. I thought dude was a pretty cool guy, but most people apparently don’t like him? I dunno. But I know my opinions will probably change over time; I remember I didn’t like Mrs. Bidwell a lot at the beginning (I did like her, just not a lot). I also didn’t like Mrs. Sales too much. But yeah, I’m sure he’ll be less strict, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; it is his first day of teaching and all.

Second period: APUSH with Mr. Rose. This class is going to be a lot of fun, but I’m worried about all the people in it and how much of a disruption they might cause. I also find myself missing Mr. Jones’ class. I actually prefer his lecture style to Mr. Rose’s in some cases. But I really cannot argue with a great teacher like Mr. Rose; we’ll have a great year, I’m sure.

Third period: French III with Mme. Redden. Mme. Redden subbed for Mme. May a bit last year, so we all kind of knew her. Things will be a little different, and I will definitely miss Mme. May, but I think French will be fun this year. However, the large class may be too much trouble than it’s worth. I am starting to miss our little 8-person F-II class last year. :(

Fourth period: AP English Literature. I thought the teacher was kind of a douchebag (I’m not naming him because that’s just rude). I dunno, from what I have heard, his class will not be that fun. It irritated me that he had no apparent lesson plan and wandered wildly from MREs to “The Hero’s Journey”. The works we’ll be studying sound pretty fun (except, I kind of hated Life of Pi, and it is apparently one of this teacher’s favorites), but I can imagine how much better they would have been with Mrs. Harvilchuck! I miss you, Mrs. H!! :(

Fifth period: IB World Geography with Mr. Sutton. I am sad because so few of my friends from last year’s class are in my class this year, but I think it will be a fun year. Oh! And Mr. Sutton already said I thought mass-murderers were nice people, so the year’s off to a great start!

Sixth period: AP Calculus BC with Mr. Bobbitt. Bobbitt makes the class seem so simple, and he throws all these statistics at us (only one person made a 2 last year in this class, 14/21 students made 5s, etc.). But you know it’s actually going to be hell. Though that’s what we signed up for, you know?

Seventh period: IB Biology II with Mrs. Bidwell. It’s going to be a riot! All the juniors taking IB are in there, meaning it is going to be crazy fun. But I also love biology so I’m glad to be back in class! Nerd alert: I am pretty excited about getting Campbell back, because that is like the perfect textbook. :D

And there it is, my first day. I omitted lunch and homeroom because I am a lazy loserface, but nothing too important happened in there anyway. Yep.


10 Responses to “Generic First Day Post”

  1. Priya Says:

    Dude you need to give credit where credit is due and include that I am the original user of “loserface”. =P

    Also SO agree with your analysis of Bobbitt’s class! and Murray’s (oh come on, how many of us wouldn’t have known it…).

  2. artichokehero Says:

    Wait, wut.
    You guys have 7 classes?
    We have 6 now. T.T

  3. Priya Says:

    OK so above is obviously someone from Rickards.


    Also that sucks for you guys. Wow, in the past few days I’ve been shown a lot of ways in which PHS’s IB program is actually really exceptional as far as most IB programs go…

  4. Aly Says:

    It’s DKang. DKang, we have to do a “silent change” halfway through superlong fourth period because our district is retarded and decided to make fourth period last extralong but only for one semester and then fifth period the same way for the next semester.

    It’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

    Priya, you thinking about what Mrs. Bidwell said?

  5. Giouli Says:

    No, I think Priya is referencing your unnamed douche of a teacher.

    I’m definitely looking forward to Bio and APUSH. :)

  6. Priya Says:

    ah, hi DKang.

    Yeah, that and hearing Adrika complaining about her school. Dude, most schools really really suck.

  7. Jordan Says:

    Would you believe Mr. Douche has only had us 3 day yet has managed to make fun of me atleast two time every day, I hate his class, and dont look forward to “Life of Pi” being desecrated along with the other books.

    • Aly Says:

      You know how he decided that the electromagnetic spectrum is a great metaphor for literature. OK, more power to him. But he spent an entire class period talking about the EMS and a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Ugh.

      As for Life of Pi, I’m kind of insulted it’s on a list with The Odyssey, Siddhartha, Madame Bovary, etc. Life of Pi is a decent book and all, but I don’t consider it literature on the level of those other works. Maybe I’m just an √©litist.

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