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La Marseillaise 30 August 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aly @ 2:10 am

I am kind of hooked on listening to all these French songs on YouTube. I want to write a longer post about it later, but I was just listening to La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

How violent is that? I know the American national anthem is about a war, too, but it is about rising above the fighting and persevering and surviving. This song is about killing other people and letting their “tainted blood” drench our ground. Dude, that’s pretty screwed up, I’m not gonna lie.

I mean, French people are awesome. But the national anthem makes me a little uncomfortable. The only other one I can immediately recall is the Indian one, and that’s just about how awesome India is and stuff. And isn’t Canada’s just about how awesome Canada is? Yeah (note that the French lyrics are way different from the English lyrics. I love that).

I cannot wait to write about all these other great French songs I found on YouTube. They are so good!


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