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Chansons Française 31 August 2009

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(The title is French for “French songs”)
The other day in class, Madame played a French song for us and had us try to figure out the lyrics. The song is called “C’est Dit”, “it is said”. It is a very sweet song and the singer, Calogero, has a beautiful voice. I found a Website, LingoLyrics.com, that translates songs to French and posts them on YouTube with the translations. Here is “C’est Dit” with translation:

The line, “On n’est riche que de ses amis”, or “One is only rich of friends” is stuck in my head.

Exploring LingoLyrics’ YouTube account led me to two more great songs that I want to present. There are a lot more good ones, but these are my absolute favorites. The first is “Dis Moi” by BB Brunes. It is ridiculously catchy! The lyrics are in the sidebar, but I figured I might as well embed it:

Best line: “Dis moi, si tu aimes ça, Houna,/Car je suis fou de toi, Houna,/Quand tu n’m’appartiens pas!” Translation: “Tell me whether you like this or not, Houna, because I’m crazy about you when you don’t belong to me!” It sounds awkward translated but I just love the way it’s sung.

The other song I adore is “La Lettre” by Renan Luce. Adrika and I went insane over this song. It is sweet, silly, and is sung wonderfully. Embedding is disabled, so I link to it. Renan Luce also sings this other great song, “Les Voisines”, but I have to figure out where to find a good translation. For that I need to remember the word for translation. So I will get to it later.


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