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Nerdiest Superpower Ever 31 August 2009

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Well, not superpower, but weird skill, I guess. I use a tabbed browser (which is basically every browser by 2009).  I’m not positive about what it’s like in other browsers, but in Firefox and Chrome, you can hit ctrl+[number of tab] (warning: this post is Windows-centric) to go to that tab. It gets confusing, because WordPress and Google Documents use the same hotkeys to change font size, but I am so hooked on switching tabs this way.

At any one time, I might have six or seven, or even eight, tabs open at one time (I have six currently). After about nine, it gets confusing, and it’s hard to reach ctrl and 9 with my left hand, so that puts a ceiling on how many tabs I need open at once.

But when I have a lot of tabs open, I am somehow able to pinpoint exactly which tab I want to switch to. For example, if I am in tab 3 and need to switch to Facebook, which is over to the very right, I somehow know, most of the time, whether to push ctrl+7 or ctrl+8. Does that make sense?

But yeah, I have noticed this for a while, and I think hilarious, sad (that I even noticed it), and pretty absurd. But there you are.


One Response to “Nerdiest Superpower Ever”

  1. Autumn Says:

    I just tried this on Opera and learned something new: ctrl+x where x = {1,2,3…,9} takes you to the corresponding Speed Dial window. In the same frame, I do believe, so yuck. But yay!

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