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The Language of Procrastination 14 September 2009

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Sorry for not posting for a week, but I’m just so busy with school. Also, I don’t think I’m interesting enough to warrant daily posts. :)

Anyway, I just tweeted the following:

Finished everything planned for this weekend, except haven’t studied too much APUSH yet…

I realized how untrue that statement was. I mean, sure, I did finish my calculator lab. But I still have to draw a couple lines one my biology lab’s graphs (needs to be done by tomorrow, seventh period). I still have 10 pages left in the assigned reading of The Odyssey, due tomorrow, fourth period.

I have a couple chemistry problems left, which I’ll have to finish up in the morning, since I have AP Chemistry first period. Then, the geography problems, which I technically haven’t started. They need to be done by fifth period, so I think I will work on them after finishing the history test second period.

…you know, the test I haven’t started studying for.

So really, I have not done that much, have I? Only one of those assignments is ready to turn in right now. But this is the language of procrastination, of delaying and tarrying and getting distracted. And I just might be able to delay for a few more hours. :)


One Response to “The Language of Procrastination”

  1. Giouli Says:

    At least it all turned out pretty okay. :)

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