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The Secret of Life 29 October 2009

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Kurt Vonnegut is one of those authors (another is Douglas Adams) who write the type of book that is chock-full of quotable quotes.

Here, a passage from Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. (more…)


“Anything Else We Have to Take Our Chances With” 23 October 2009

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I’m reading Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (Of Hitchhiker fame). I like this line from the book:

“The light works,” he said, indicating the window, “the gravity works,” he said, dropping a pencil on the floor. “Anything else we have to take our chances with.”


Blue Roses 21 October 2009

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A poem by Rudyard Kipling:

Roses red and roses white
Plucked I for my love’s delight.
She would none of all my posies–
Bade me gather her blue roses.


Candy Sales

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I sell candy for MAO. I get about $10 profit on a $20 box, which is really pretty good. We sold last spring and now we’re selling until the end of October. I have always had an issue with selling candy: I feel guilty for selling stuff that is so unhealthy. (more…)


Happy Diwali! 17 October 2009

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Today is Diwali, only the most important Hindu festival evar. Theoretically, it involves lots of awesome food and other fun stuff. Except, we don’t really celebrate Diwali that elaborately. Someone hosts dinner party or two every year and that’s about it. I was feeling a little unwell today, so I decided not to go to today’s party.

The most memorable part about Diwali is the traditional story we hear from the adults every year at the party. It must have been at least ten years that I’ve been hearing that story. There is a lot of nostalgia in the Diwali story. it kind of sucks missing it this year. I wish I could have gone. (more…)


Languishing 15 October 2009

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I feel so apathetic. I’m barely keeping up with homework, not to mention extracurriculars. I’m sick right now, and I might not get over it for another week (it’s a cough, but it makes me feel terrible because I’m coughing constantly. Apparently I have a sinus infection, which is causing the cough. God I feel like crap).

I didn’t go to school today because of the aforementioned cough. It hasn’t been that bad today because I haven’t been speaking a lot. But I just answered the phone and I’m coughing more. I’m just so fed up with everything. I don’t feel like playing the piano anymore. I’ve been wasting a lot of time doing pointless things.

I need to get motivated again. And hopefully it’ll happen soon. Because it really sucks to be languishing.


My Awesome Friday 11 October 2009

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Yesterday, my friend Adrika visited. Adrika moved away from Pensacola to Tuscaloosa this summer, and I miss her a lot a lot. There is an Adrika-shaped hole in my life now. :( That hole is partially filled when she visits, which has happened twice so far.

This time, her family drove down on Friday and dropped her off at our school so she could say hi to teachers and see her friends. Then, after school, we had MAO, during which she met up with more people and took a bunch of pictures on people’s cameras. (more…)