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Esoteric Joke 5 October 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aly @ 1:08 am

As we labor deep into the night, working on calculus homework, biology labs, and geography papers, Julie and I tend to get a bit silly. But I am loving Julie’s calculus joke. (If you don’t understand this, I’ll explain it. But I don’t want to explain it just to have Mr. Multivar come and correct me on a technicality or something. So I’ll explain over AIM or in person or whatever.)

Level of caring about calculus homework: f(x) < 0, f'(x) < 0.
It’s ridiculously true. I laughed for probably a full minute after I saw it. I don’t think anyone else will find it as funny. I’ve learned that about my sense of humor.

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