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I’m Weird 5 October 2009

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It came as an epiphany on Tuesday. Neha and Priya were giving me a ride, and I got a look into what real teenagers do.

Importantly, real teenagers listen to the radio. I don’t get it. A ridiculous amount of stuff on the radio is ads. Not to mention, I don’t like most songs played on the radio. If you really must listen to music (I prefer podcasts or NPR), then why not burn yourself some CDs or listen to your mp3 player? I burned a CD of some classical music for when I’m driving.

I started to realize I’m kind of weird. I expressed this sentiment to Julie, my bff. And instead of, I don’t know, saying something constructive, she just gave me a look and told me I wasn’t weird.

But then, lovely Holly swooped in and saved the day. She asked me, “What’s wrong with being weird!” And goddammit, she had a point. I’m weird (perhaps just a little), but I am proud of it.

Because really, what is being weird? It’s being different from everyone else. Why would that matter? Why do other people matter? To quote Richard Feynman’s book title, what do you care what other people think?


4 Responses to “I’m Weird”

  1. Giouli Says:

    Oh, I was riding with Neha and Priya today, and they did that toooo! Priya was telling me I should listen to rap music to become more “cultured,” but to me…that’s being less cultured. It’s weird.

    And I didn’t tell you that you weren’t weird. Wherever did that come from?

  2. Fug Li Says:

    Most normal teenagers don’t listen to the radio… They have iPods and mp3s and hook them up to the aux in their cars. They usually have music playing really loudly too. I dunno. Maybe your standard is a little different from mine >_>.

  3. Holly Says:

    I love how I sound like a flying super hero in this.

    I love NPR. It always puts me to sleep and makes me feel all warm, because even though it can be quite interesting, the voices are soooo soooothingg.

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