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A Happy Post 9 October 2009

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Yesterday were tryouts for the county all-stars quizbowl team. I balled it up and got first place, beating Nathan by half a point (of which I think Robo will remind Nathan eternally). But it doesn’t really matter. The fun part was getting back into quizbowl mode. We have not yet played a legit tournament, since this one was for individuals and not teams; we plan to head to the UF collegiate tournament at the end of the month. It’s going to be fun and the best part will be trying our hand at the UF, FSU, and USF (if they show up) teams. It seems likely we won’t have a problem with the rest, since they are basically all community colleges (or, I suppose, high schools).

Tomorrow, Julie and I will finally give our presentation on methamphetamine for IB Biology. I am pretty excited. I feel super knowledgeable about the topic; not to mention we have to show everyone up with our awesome slideshow.

Also tomorrow, Adrika’s coming to visit!! I miss her a lot a lot, and I am so happy I get to see her. We are going to hang at Julie’s house, go to Olive Garden, and generally have a blast. It will be amazing.

That’s it for now; I should really get to bed. I’m feeling a little sick (it’s not the SWINE FLU, I promise. If it were, I wouldn’t be blagging because I wouldn’t want you to catch it). Fun fact via my bud Nishant: Jay Sean, an Indian guy who lives in the UK, is at the top of the charts (in UK I believe). Yeah yeah.


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