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My Awesome Friday 11 October 2009

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Yesterday, my friend Adrika visited. Adrika moved away from Pensacola to Tuscaloosa this summer, and I miss her a lot a lot. There is an Adrika-shaped hole in my life now. :( That hole is partially filled when she visits, which has happened twice so far.

This time, her family drove down on Friday and dropped her off at our school so she could say hi to teachers and see her friends. Then, after school, we had MAO, during which she met up with more people and took a bunch of pictures on people’s cameras.

At 4:30, the awesomeness truly began. Melody, Julie, Adrika, and I squeezed into Julie’s dad’s pick-up truck to get to Julie’s house. There, I met Julie’s dogs, Choco and Lucky. I discovered why I don’t have pets and why I should never get any. Melody proceeded to get out her Wii. It was my first time playing one, and it turned out to be completely awesome. We played Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which, in my expert opinion, has to be the funnest game ever. I suck pretty badly, but that’s ok.

After that, we met up with Ish and Priya at Olive Garden for a completely fun dinner. Afterward, Priya, Melody, Julie, and I headed back to Julie’s house for a little more Brawl. And then my mom picked me up.

It was definitely a night to remember. I can’t wait till I see Adrika again. :)


4 Responses to “My Awesome Friday”

  1. Fug Li Says:

    I’m so glad that you played a console video game and liked it QQ…

  2. Adrika Says:

    Friday was so much fun! I don’t think it could really have been any better and I’m really glad Ish got to join us at Olive Garden. You + dogs = priceless
    Miss you!

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