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Languishing 15 October 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Aly @ 3:50 pm

I feel so apathetic. I’m barely keeping up with homework, not to mention extracurriculars. I’m sick right now, and I might not get over it for another week (it’s a cough, but it makes me feel terrible because I’m coughing constantly. Apparently I have a sinus infection, which is causing the cough. God I feel like crap).

I didn’t go to school today because of the aforementioned cough. It hasn’t been that bad today because I haven’t been speaking a lot. But I just answered the phone and I’m coughing more. I’m just so fed up with everything. I don’t feel like playing the piano anymore. I’ve been wasting a lot of time doing pointless things.

I need to get motivated again. And hopefully it’ll happen soon. Because it really sucks to be languishing.


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