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Happy Diwali! 17 October 2009

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Today is Diwali, only the most important Hindu festival evar. Theoretically, it involves lots of awesome food and other fun stuff. Except, we don’t really celebrate Diwali that elaborately. Someone hosts dinner party or two every year and that’s about it. I was feeling a little unwell today, so I decided not to go to today’s party.

The most memorable part about Diwali is the traditional story we hear from the adults every year at the party. It must have been at least ten years that I’ve been hearing that story. There is a lot of nostalgia in the Diwali story. it kind of sucks missing it this year. I wish I could have gone.

I like Diwali for another reason as well. Whenever we leave too many lights on in the house, my dad will complain, “It’s not Diwali! No need to keep all the lights on!” Diwali is the festival of lights, commemorating Prince Rama’s return from exile. His subjects were so pleased that they decorated their houses with little oil lamps (diva). Diwali is the one day of the year it’s permissible to have all the lights in the house on. It gives me pleasure to think that this is the one day I can leave the lights on and my dad can’t say anything! :)

Note: “Diwali” is pronounced more like “Divali”. It comes from the words for “a row of lights”, “Deepawali/Deepavali”.


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