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Candy Sales 21 October 2009

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I sell candy for MAO. I get about $10 profit on a $20 box, which is really pretty good. We sold last spring and now we’re selling until the end of October. I have always had an issue with selling candy: I feel guilty for selling stuff that is so unhealthy.

Mind, I never feel guilty enough to stop selling, but I do feel bad. Some things, like Airheads and Skittles (actually, pretty much all the non-chocolate candy we sell) are chock-full of sugar. I took a look at the Airheads ingredients list and just about everything on the list was a sugar, corn syrup, or dye. And that is a little scary. I feel like a tiny part of a large problem — people cannot seem to eat healthy (myself included!).

In complete opposition to everything I just said, I was trying for a while to decide how to deal with drama club’s competition. Drama always buys king-size candy bars (still selling for only $1). They can afford it, I think, because they have more participants. And of course, to relentlessly stereotype, their charisma and comfort in dealing with people allow them to sell candy faster than the nerds in math club.

Andrew helped me come up with the solution: the candy I sell is twice as healthy as the candy drama sells! Obviously, this is the worst kind of spin, since the only reason that is even close to true is that our candy is half the size of drama club candy. But it makes me a little happy inside, because it is rather clever.

I’m so lame that all I can think of writing about on my blag is marketing techniques for selling candy to raise money so I can go on trips with the math club. :(


2 Responses to “Candy Sales”

  1. Seth Says:

    Actually, it’s not that we can afford it because we have so many participants. In fact, despite what it may seem, MAO has WAY more participants in selling than drama does. It’s just that we earn half the profit. Thus, when people like you try to steal more of our business, it makes us even worse off. :P

    Mr. Bobbitt invented our strategy, because girls soccer has used it since he started coaching them years and years ago. Then, Nicole Bobbitt brought it over to drama club when she was a freshman or sophomore, and we’ve kept it ever since. No one is stopping MAO from doing the same thing. It’s just that you guys, to relentlessly stereotype, aren’t confident enough to sell what you have, much less twice as much.

    • Aly Says:

      The problem with the drama club technique is that you have to sell a lot more boxes to make the same profit. Most people who sell for MAO probably wouldn’t if they got less money per box.

      Since drama club apparently has a small group of dedicated sellers, that technique works well for you. But MAO has a lot of not-as-hardcore members, and our strategy works for us.

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